Thursday, November 06, 2014

Sebelum dan selepas....

Assalammualaikum dan salam sejahtera kepada semua pembaca blog! Maaf sebab sudah lama menyepi diri.

So, what is happening to me? Terus terang, aku dan pun resign sebagai doktor! Yup, I quit the program! Aku dah resign since bulan 4 secara official. In between, aku ada kerap kali juga MIA disebabkan tekanan kerja yang tak dapat aku nak tanggung. I thought I can, but medical life is like walking on a lonely road. Nobody is there to help you, even you think they are there. They just a mere observant in everything that you do.........But, I am finally arrived to the decision. I am not proud of it, just for me it is the best......

For sure kalau arwah along dan mak ada, mesti mereka akan talk some sense into me. Tapi, bak kata orang, jangan dikenang benda/orang yang sudah tiada. Actually, hari ini pun aku tergerak hati untuk tulis kat sini sebab tersinggah di sighnomore blog milik arwah along. Kata-kata di dalam blog arwah sangat menusuk kalbu, membuatkan aku menitis air mata, memikirkan beliau. She really proud of me, no matter what road I taken. I just know it. For me, she is different, despite being her childish attitude, she is still my eldest sister, and nobody can take her role today!

But know, despite my resignation, I am involved in an affiliate marketing, the first in Malaysia! AFFILIATE JUNCTION! Despite every obstacles ahead, I am not backing up anymore! I have disappointed several people in my life, and I am not going to do that anymore. Though financially I am at pinch, but that will not force me to go forward. I learn a lot from my previous mistake, and I am not going to do that again! Plus, in AJ, I am happy to be living with positive and optimistic people! And despite my attitude before, I am relieved to be among them! AJ makes me happy! And I convinced to achieve RAA by the end of year!!!

For those out there, please support and pray for my success no matter what. And I too will always pray for all of us! 

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