Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 coming to an end......welcoming 2013~

Salam to all my readers. I'm writing my last post for this year. I just want to say thank you for those who have been with me this year, cherish me, enlighten me and make me smile. I always remember you guys, now and forever. 2013 will be a challenging year for me and my friends since we are going to start our HO posting that will last for 2 years. Right now we are just waiting for the induction letter from SPA to come at our door steps. Hopefully by the end of Jan or early Feb we can each start our posting. For me, the earlier, the better.

So, how am I gonna wrap up my 2012 in brief?

~2012 have taught me to be persistent, patience, and independence, There are lots of good and bad memories that I had gained during the last year of studying in India, but all went well for me. Handling friends, housemates and local people back in Bangalore had really taught me well enough to make me able to stay on my own foot. For some of friend who got married, having their child to be born in 2012 really is a blessing! Congratulation again to Azma & husband, Mohd Farhan & Fazliana and Anas & Syamimi for the birth of your children! With the struggling that we had through during our final posting in baptist hospital really prepared us for the final exam that was held during September and October. Here also I would like to thank my mentor, Dr. Phillips and family for taking care of me and Munira during our final year. Not to forget to all Consultant and doctors (whichever I can recalled the names) of Baptist Hospital for teaching us during our posting at the hospital. The knowledge that you have given us, we will use it wisely. But, the most exciting part in 2012, for me, is knowing that I passed the final exam! Though I only got overall of B in the final, but I am still grateful of it. And, not to forget, my newly wed friends, happy wedding! Aida, Mimi, Zul Azmi, Shukry Rashid, Joe and Nadia, Neerna, Diyanah and Bobo, Waheeda, Hadi and Tikah, Zola, Piah, Hajar, and Baya, may all of you have a happy wed life~

I think that's all I can conclude my 2012 in brief. Not so much of a year, but still a year that need to be remembered. I am welcoming 2013 with all my heart. May 2013 give me lots of joys and happiness, though I believe that it is a far-fetched, huhuhu~