Thursday, May 31, 2012

My awedome holiday~

Salam to all.........OMG! it has been a long time. Constraint of time, and a hectic daily schedule + fatigue makes me unable to update my blog on regular basis. Since today has been declared holiday by IMS-Bangalore due to the bharat bandh in India (due to hike in fuel price), why not I update my blog.

There are lots of thing happening to me within this 3 months since the last day I wrote on this blog. For my 2 weeks holiday from 15/4-29/4, I went back to Malaysia to renew my visa mainly. Along the weeks, I have been travelling to many places, alone. The first week of my holiday, I went to Mersing to visit my sister and her family. I finally met my newly born niece, named Amira Soleha. She was so adorable and cute, just like her uncle, hehehe...Will put up her picture later. As usual, I also have to struggle with my other nephews and niece. My father called me nephews as 'the chipmunks', huhuhu......During the weekend my father along with my brother came to Mersing to have some BBQ....At night, my brother grilled some marinated chicken (dad styled), some prawns, some sausages and some fishes. The night was great! I filled my stomach with lots of seafood and it felt great! At midnight, me and my bro went to the shore, enjoying the night breeze from the sea, while enjoying some burger and chatting......Living in Mersing is fantastic, if you can minus the horror 'chipmunks', hahaha~

On Monday, I depart from Mersing to Johor Bahru around 10.00am, after having breakfast with my brother in-law. On the road, though it was boring driving alone, but with the help of some music, it was great......Manage to arrive safely at JB by noon. I called syahir and asked him to meet at Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar. After waiting for him, we have our pray first before going to Plaza Angsana to fulfill my ultimate purpose; buying some shirst and pant. After hours of hanging there, went back to syahir's home at Taman Pulai Jaya. Met his parents and his brother. Nice family he had, kinda reminded me to my mum when I talked to her. At night, Syahir brought me to this place called Pasar Karat....Many stuff were there, but I only bought a wallet which I am now using it.....Then when to Woodland, followed by a treat at McD on our back home. 

The next day, Syahir asked me to go to Rohaizat's house at Simpang Renggam. After thinking for a while, I ok with the idea. After messaging Rohaizat and everything, I planned to go there by afternoon. Meanwhile, in the morning, I went with Syahir to Taman Universiti to have my car washed. Fortunately there is one car wash that open on that day. Before that, we went to Jusco because I want to buy some CDs. I managed to get my hands on Adele's and Maher Zain's CDs....Before leaving jusco, I invite syahir to have some Tutti Frutti! This will be my first time tasting it, and I want it really bad! It was superbly delicous and tasty!! At noon, I depart from JB to Simpang Renggam. After 15 minutes journey, I arrived at Simpang Renggam and found rohaizat's house. For the first time, I chat with him like an old friend. It was nice and I am very happy. Weather was gloomy at that time and rain was pouring heavily. Around 4pm, I depart from Simpang Renggam back to Melaka. Along the highway, the rain was heavy, and I can't see a thing! After a long and slow driving, I safely arrived back home.

On Wednesday, I decided to go to Kuala Kangsar to visit my Opah. It was a sudden decision and my father ok with my plan. Before going to Perak, I stop by at Shah Alam to retrieve my passport. There, I met Imran and En. Nizam. En. Nizam brought us to a tour around MSU. I never explore my own uni and it was nice. At noon, En. Nizam brought us to Nando's at PKNS. After having my lunch and met with some new JPA students, I depart to Kuala Kangsar around 4pm. After reaching Ipoh, I called Md. Shah. I asked him to accompany me to Kuala Kangsar and he's willing to do so. At Md. Shah's house, I refreshed myself. Around 8pm, I depart to Kuala Kangsar with Md. Shah. At Kuala Kangsar, I greet my Opah and my uncle and aunt. I stayed overnight there.

On Thursday, I depart from Kuala Kangsar around noon. I dropped Md. Shah back at Ipoh and thanked him for accompany me. After that, I went back to Melaka. Nothing much happening on this day, just a trip back home. At night, went out with my dad and step mum and have my dinner with satay and mee goreng! Awesome!

On Friday, I'm in Melaka. Decided to buy my supplies of foods and some other cooking materials. I went to Mydin after Friday prayer. At night, went out with my family to have my old time favourite, ikan bakar Umbai!!! Those who come to Melaka, please try this place.....I enjoying myself so much!!! The food was great, and I love it!!!! Hehehe~

On Saturday, I have to go to Kuala Lumpur to spend a night at my sister's place because my dad have to go to Ayer Hitam, Johor for some wedding. I remember this day because this is the day of BERSIH 3.0.....not a fan of it. Anyway, drop by at Kajang to visit  my aunt and me cousins! Haven't met them for a very long time, except on facebook....I enjoyed my chat with them and it was informative~

Well, that wrap up my story during my holiday. After this, there will be no holiday, but only a final exam which is scary and waiting for us here. 4 months to go, and so help me God in my final exam.......Until we meet again~