Monday, February 20, 2012

My favourite food :)

Salam to all. How are you? I'm hoping that you all in the pink of health, unlike me today. What story should I write since I'm not going to class today? Emmm, it must be boring to tell you about my boring life. Other than that, maybe I can talk about food! Yeah, I love food! Everybody love food! Maybe I can share with you about some of Malaysia's delicacies that I promise you that they will be mouth-watering :)

OMG! One of my favourite food in the world! Satay is basically chicken/meat/intestine skewed on a stick. The meat is mixed first with various spices, skewed on a stick and grilled. Satay is usually ate with some "kuah kacang" along with raw onion, cucumber and "ketupat". It is usually served during festival like Eid, but it is also available everyday in many places :)

Yup! chicken rice or as we call it in Malay as "nasi ayam" is a favourite of mine and also to most of Malaysian! It is basically a chinese food, but gain its popularity among Malay and Indian too. There are various types of chicken rice. Basically, it is made of rice (cooked with chicken stock), served with slices of either fried or steamed chicken and with some chilly sauce and soya sauce +/- cucumber and tomato.  It is also available everywhere in Malaysia. Try it, and you will ask for more :)

Kuey tiow is a type of noodle originate from china. It is basically a flat noodle. Fried kuey tiow is one of my favourite and absolutely my mom's favourite! Kuey Tiow can be cooked with various method, but frying and with soup are the most popular cooking method. Fried kuey tiow is basically made by frying chilly paste, onion, prawn/chicken/meat/clamp, kuey tiow, bean sprout, "sawi", and some soya sauce to be added. Kuey tiow goreng mamak is another variety of fried kuey tiow where egg are added into it. It is most popular dish in Penang. Try it!!

One of my favourite! It is a fried rice served with delicious side dish. The side dish is made by cooking various seafood and chicken or meat! I always ordered papric fried rice when I was a teenager. Try it!!!

Most popular dish in Penang. Originate from the Mamak community, nasi kandar is basically a white rice served with various side dishes (lauk) of your choice. It was fantastic and great! It rapidly gained its popularity throughout Malaysia! Some of the famous Mamak restaurant available in Malaysia which served nasi kandar are Kayu, Zubaidah, Pelita and etc.......

Well, that was the top 5 of my favorite meal. What about dessert? Yeah, we have many traditional dessert which I guarantee that it will satisfied your tummy. Wanna see them? Let's check it out!

Truly a pearl in my life, kuih koci is one of my favourite and absolutely must-have dessert. It is made by mixing glutinious flour with the grated coconut + palm sugar in the center. It has a chewy texture and lovable by all age!

As the name suggested (beautiful princess), kuih puteri ayu is the best!! It is soft and fluffy, and sweet! I just love to eat them. My mom used to buy me kuih puteri ayu everytime after school. Truly a memory~

Waa, there are lots of them that I wish to put up, but unfortunately my stomach-ache come back. Well, I think you all can google it and see other various type of Malaysian cuisine available. Please come to Malaysia and experienced our cuisine, our kindness and explore her beauty. Until then~