Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 coming to an end......welcoming 2013~

Salam to all my readers. I'm writing my last post for this year. I just want to say thank you for those who have been with me this year, cherish me, enlighten me and make me smile. I always remember you guys, now and forever. 2013 will be a challenging year for me and my friends since we are going to start our HO posting that will last for 2 years. Right now we are just waiting for the induction letter from SPA to come at our door steps. Hopefully by the end of Jan or early Feb we can each start our posting. For me, the earlier, the better.

So, how am I gonna wrap up my 2012 in brief?

~2012 have taught me to be persistent, patience, and independence, There are lots of good and bad memories that I had gained during the last year of studying in India, but all went well for me. Handling friends, housemates and local people back in Bangalore had really taught me well enough to make me able to stay on my own foot. For some of friend who got married, having their child to be born in 2012 really is a blessing! Congratulation again to Azma & husband, Mohd Farhan & Fazliana and Anas & Syamimi for the birth of your children! With the struggling that we had through during our final posting in baptist hospital really prepared us for the final exam that was held during September and October. Here also I would like to thank my mentor, Dr. Phillips and family for taking care of me and Munira during our final year. Not to forget to all Consultant and doctors (whichever I can recalled the names) of Baptist Hospital for teaching us during our posting at the hospital. The knowledge that you have given us, we will use it wisely. But, the most exciting part in 2012, for me, is knowing that I passed the final exam! Though I only got overall of B in the final, but I am still grateful of it. And, not to forget, my newly wed friends, happy wedding! Aida, Mimi, Zul Azmi, Shukry Rashid, Joe and Nadia, Neerna, Diyanah and Bobo, Waheeda, Hadi and Tikah, Zola, Piah, Hajar, and Baya, may all of you have a happy wed life~

I think that's all I can conclude my 2012 in brief. Not so much of a year, but still a year that need to be remembered. I am welcoming 2013 with all my heart. May 2013 give me lots of joys and happiness, though I believe that it is a far-fetched, huhuhu~



Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Salam to all. Right now I am writing this post at Bangalore International Airport. In a matter of an hour or so, I shall be leaving this country and went back home, for good.....yes, for good. I recently passed my final exam! I am so grateful and praises Allah for passing me in the final. 95% passed the exam.....congratulation to all! Now, I must get ready to face the reality of life and start practising what I have learnt so far.....I must be vigilance in every decision I make from now on. Please pray for my success....tq

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Emotionally unstable.......

Salam to all. Wow, I can't believe it! I am actually going to sit for the final exam by next Monday, and honestly.......I'm freaking out right now! Seriously, final??!!!! Arghh, that added to my stress lists! For the almost 2 weeks of my study leaves, I did not actually went deep enough to revise my subjects. I feel that I had been actually neglecting them quite a bit. I only read a few, then.....that's it. Most of the time, I either playing games or watching tv or sitcom.....seriously, who's going to THAT during your final??! Seriously faiz......umph!

Ok.....that's all~ like I said, I am dysthymic right now........

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Of birthday celebration and final exam.....

Salam to all my readers....

I would like to say thanks to all who have wished my birthday on last Monday! Thank you guys!!! Really appreciated your kindness.......

Am going to be frank with you....I love celebrating my birthday....who doesn't?! Though my birthday this year fell during the exam season, but I thanked my fellow friends (munira, syamimi, hajar, noni, farisya, ijat and maro) who have spent some of their time celebrating my birthday. It was nice and since it shall be my last time celebrating it in Bangalore, it makes it more memorable and bring more joy to me! Unfortunately, I'm also feel sad and dissappointed because this year he didn't celebrated my birthday. Usually he will either buy me a present or bring me out for dinner or lunch. This time, it was silence. Though he had wishes me, but knowing him for few years, I actually felt neglected. I know that everyone is bust preparing for the final, but.....I don't know how to put my dissapppintment into a proper words. Anyway, I just wish him good luck in the final exam.

At the end, I just want to do well in my final exam. Though I know it is gonna be tough than the first three professional exam, it doesn't mean that I am going to fall down. Will try my best. Please pray for my success here....and may Allah ease our way to success and to Jannah, InsyaAllah.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Raya di perantauan~

Salam semua.....hari ni rasa tergerak hati nak tulis dalam bahasa ibunda Bahasa Melayu (lingua franca) :)

Alhamdulillah, saya ingin memanjatkan kesyukuran saya kepada Ilahi di atas kurniaan Syawal pada tahun ini. Walaupun hati ini merasa sedih di atas pemergian Ramadhan, tetapi jangan sesekali berasa sedih di dalam bulan Syawal, kerana di dalam bulan inilah kita menyambut kemenangan kita ke atas syaitan selama berpuasa selama sebulan di bulan Ramadhan. Harapan agar di dalam bulan Ramadhan yang lepas kita dapat menundukkan hawa nafsu kita dan dapat mendidik diri ini untuk senantiasa menurut perintah Yang Maha Esa, amin~

Berbalik kepada cerita raya kita. Tahun ni beraya di bumi Bangalore memandangkan final exam semakin menghampir (+/- 5 weeks to go), cuaknya!!!! Tambahan pula, minggu depan akan ada en-bloc exam utk 4 posting yang selebihnya; OBG, surgery, psychiatry dan orthopaedic, dan smpi ke hari ini masih lagi belum serius untuk belajar. Kenapa la time2 ni baru rasa malas nak study? adoi~

Raya di sini tidak kurang hebatnya. Beraya bersama sahabat handai dan juga orang yang disayangi.....satu nikmat yang tidak dapat dilupakan. Raya pertama dan kedua, mengunjung rumah ke rumah sambil bersalaman dan bermaaf-maafan di antara satu sama lain sebelum menduduki final exam, amat mengharukan.  Harapan agar kami semua disini akan lulus dalam peperiksaan dan pulang ke Malaysia sebagai seorang doktor, InsyaAllah........

Akhir kata dari saya, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.....maaf zahir dan batin.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Psychological warfare


First of all I would like wish to my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters out there, in whatever country you live, a Happy Eid Mubarak 1433H! May this Eid brings you happiness and prosperity....

It's hard on me now.......burdened by the final exam and have to conceal my condition from my friends ain't a easy thing to do. It really ate inside me of not telling anyone about me.....because I am afraid that they will hate me more than they do now...I think. Tomorrow is Eid in Bangalore, and I have to pull off from the feast because of it.....Since none of them will read my blog often, so it is safe for me to express my feeling here. Right now, I can sense many people are expressing their anger towards me....Just yesterday some of them bad-mouthed me because of class attendance. I was sad by it, and yet after composing myself, I realize that I am on the right track. No one defend me, and no one say something to protect me. They just kept silence. If that is the world that I have indulged into, and then I have to be strong, in mind and in emotion. Why do I have to hurt myself for the sake of others? A clear reason why I don't want to participate tomorrow's activity. Simple, but yet profound. I admit that I have been diagnosed with a true psychological problem, and up till now I am able to control it. But, being in the circle of people who, on my opinion, is so confusing and double-faced, making it much worse. To be on the safe side, I tend to ignore some people who I once cherished and loved. It's hard, but it is for my own good.

To some, I love you, and always considered you as my true friends. But, right now, please don't ask me many questions or push me to indulge so many activities. If you can understand me, than I am more than grateful. I know when I am ready to embrace the world again. Here, I would to apologize in advance. If you want to hate me, then I have no choice to accept your hatred and your wrath. Until then~

Friday, August 17, 2012

Of friendship and stranger


Friends....we all have friends. They are the one who are always there if you need them, in time of sad and happiness (hopefully). What about if that friend became your enemy, worse, your own nightmare? I want to tell you a story.....a story about me:-

When I joined IMS-MSU, Bangalore in 2007, I only have few known and closed friends, some I have known since my matriculation  college, and some during BTN, while some I just met during orientation day in Shah Alam. I started to get close to them as time passed by. Some became my best friends, some are just good and closed friends. Anyway, I respect them, admire them and acknowledge them every day, because they are the one that you have when you are in foreign country, without your family and old, best friend nearby. For that, I'm grateful....

As I said, as time passed by, I developed a deeper relationship with one of my friend. After I moved out from my old apartment to a new one in 2009, I became much closer to her. She was a good friend, always hear my complaint on study, friends, and lecturers. We went out together, and share our interests and view on life and politics. To summarize, she is the best. However, all of that changed when she got into a relationship. Afterwards, all she talked about is about him, her problem with him, etc2......Initially I was ok with it and handled it well, but sooner I got annoyed when she talked about him. Plus, whenever I want to go out with her, sometime she make and excuse that he do not allow her to go out with me only, and must go out with any other person. All of this make me sad and somehow disappointed. I realized that I am not needed anymore, and being friend with her will only make her relationship with her fiancee worse. One day, I snapped and declared my personal hate on her. Though initially, my reason of doing so is to make sure that there will be no more fight between them anymore. I know that I am always present in any relationship. I friend with many couples, and whenever I go out with them, somehow I felt neglected and think that I am only bothering their 'date'. It seriously bothering me nowadays.

Few months after not talking to her, recently I just want to cool off with her, so I invited her to my iftar. When she came, it was awkward. Suddenly, she called my name few times. I ignored it since it is so awkward, but then I turned to her. I expected she will say something nice, or at least soothing, but what I received is something ill-mannered and egoist. I was so angry, annoyed and shocked at the same time when she said that. Though I know she has high ego, but I expect she must have change her attitude, but my expectation is wrong. Nothing is changed......nothing. After that day, it has became clear to me, that she will never change unless she has been befallen with something that would affect her life. It is also clear to me that she never know and understand me as well as I understands her. All of this are BS! I broke up my friendship with her, un-friend her from my FB, will never speak or see her face anymore! She is now a stranger in my life. Whatever happen, nothing will affect me. I'm deleting my memory about her....forever.  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Final, Ramadhan and Eid

Salam to all.......

Good gracious! It has been 3 months since I last updated my blog.....Am I that busy? emmm, probably I am,  huhuhu........Am now in the month of Ramdhan, though it's a little bit too late for me to wish 'Happy Ramadhan' to everyone.... 1 week to go for Eid this year :) Along with the Eid, my final exam is just around the corner. It was planned to be held on 24/9/2012. On 3/9/2012 I'm suppose to have en-bloc exam of my ramaining 4 postings (OBG, surgery, psychiatry and currently orthopaedic). Orthopaedic and surgery are not my favourite subjects, and yet I have to endure it. Being in orthopaedic right now, I gained lots of stress. Not because of the final, but the subject itself put so much burden on me......Some of the doctors in orthopaedic department are quite scary, especially the HOD. Haih, and plus instead of 5 days a week of classes, in ortho we have 6 classes a week! For me, it is not fair since my other friends which have gone through their orthopaedic posting before only have 5 classes a week. Every week I'm get so tired with the classes, the opd and everything around me, huhuhu.....Though I am complaining so much about my current posting, like it or not, as I said before, I must endure it.....One of the quality that you need to have of being in a medical profession is to endure everything! Faiz Parman, you can do it!!!!

Ramadhan.....before this I always update my daily 'sahur' or 'berbuka' menu, but now I have no time to that this year. Yesterday, I held a feast of breaking fast with my invited friends. I cooked 'nasi minyak', 'kuah dalca' and 'ayam masak merah' (for those who do not know this, please google them). Along with that, I made my infamous begedil, but this time, my begedil didn't turned out as I expected. Really disappointed with my begedil yesterday. Maybe need to improve it further. Those who came also brought some foods, so the table is full! Thanks again to those who came and made the food. They are delicious! Anyway, it is not about the food and drink that make it happening, it is the gathering of the people that I cherish that made me feel happy. Cooking was hard and tiring, but at the end, it was fun seeing them ate. We chat, we laughed, we cracked jokes and we talked about life. That is why I always try to do iftar at my place, for I want to gain this moment :)

For this coming Eid, what should I prepare? Since Only my batch and few minute juniors who stayed back are here, the plan is to just a simple gathering. Though I am not sure whether I will participate in the gathering this year, but hopefully this will be our last Eid here in India. Can't wait to go back home.....for good!

Well, I end my post for today here. Have to get ready for class today. May Allah bless you all. Wassalam~

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My awedome holiday~

Salam to all.........OMG! it has been a long time. Constraint of time, and a hectic daily schedule + fatigue makes me unable to update my blog on regular basis. Since today has been declared holiday by IMS-Bangalore due to the bharat bandh in India (due to hike in fuel price), why not I update my blog.

There are lots of thing happening to me within this 3 months since the last day I wrote on this blog. For my 2 weeks holiday from 15/4-29/4, I went back to Malaysia to renew my visa mainly. Along the weeks, I have been travelling to many places, alone. The first week of my holiday, I went to Mersing to visit my sister and her family. I finally met my newly born niece, named Amira Soleha. She was so adorable and cute, just like her uncle, hehehe...Will put up her picture later. As usual, I also have to struggle with my other nephews and niece. My father called me nephews as 'the chipmunks', huhuhu......During the weekend my father along with my brother came to Mersing to have some BBQ....At night, my brother grilled some marinated chicken (dad styled), some prawns, some sausages and some fishes. The night was great! I filled my stomach with lots of seafood and it felt great! At midnight, me and my bro went to the shore, enjoying the night breeze from the sea, while enjoying some burger and chatting......Living in Mersing is fantastic, if you can minus the horror 'chipmunks', hahaha~

On Monday, I depart from Mersing to Johor Bahru around 10.00am, after having breakfast with my brother in-law. On the road, though it was boring driving alone, but with the help of some music, it was great......Manage to arrive safely at JB by noon. I called syahir and asked him to meet at Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar. After waiting for him, we have our pray first before going to Plaza Angsana to fulfill my ultimate purpose; buying some shirst and pant. After hours of hanging there, went back to syahir's home at Taman Pulai Jaya. Met his parents and his brother. Nice family he had, kinda reminded me to my mum when I talked to her. At night, Syahir brought me to this place called Pasar Karat....Many stuff were there, but I only bought a wallet which I am now using it.....Then when to Woodland, followed by a treat at McD on our back home. 

The next day, Syahir asked me to go to Rohaizat's house at Simpang Renggam. After thinking for a while, I ok with the idea. After messaging Rohaizat and everything, I planned to go there by afternoon. Meanwhile, in the morning, I went with Syahir to Taman Universiti to have my car washed. Fortunately there is one car wash that open on that day. Before that, we went to Jusco because I want to buy some CDs. I managed to get my hands on Adele's and Maher Zain's CDs....Before leaving jusco, I invite syahir to have some Tutti Frutti! This will be my first time tasting it, and I want it really bad! It was superbly delicous and tasty!! At noon, I depart from JB to Simpang Renggam. After 15 minutes journey, I arrived at Simpang Renggam and found rohaizat's house. For the first time, I chat with him like an old friend. It was nice and I am very happy. Weather was gloomy at that time and rain was pouring heavily. Around 4pm, I depart from Simpang Renggam back to Melaka. Along the highway, the rain was heavy, and I can't see a thing! After a long and slow driving, I safely arrived back home.

On Wednesday, I decided to go to Kuala Kangsar to visit my Opah. It was a sudden decision and my father ok with my plan. Before going to Perak, I stop by at Shah Alam to retrieve my passport. There, I met Imran and En. Nizam. En. Nizam brought us to a tour around MSU. I never explore my own uni and it was nice. At noon, En. Nizam brought us to Nando's at PKNS. After having my lunch and met with some new JPA students, I depart to Kuala Kangsar around 4pm. After reaching Ipoh, I called Md. Shah. I asked him to accompany me to Kuala Kangsar and he's willing to do so. At Md. Shah's house, I refreshed myself. Around 8pm, I depart to Kuala Kangsar with Md. Shah. At Kuala Kangsar, I greet my Opah and my uncle and aunt. I stayed overnight there.

On Thursday, I depart from Kuala Kangsar around noon. I dropped Md. Shah back at Ipoh and thanked him for accompany me. After that, I went back to Melaka. Nothing much happening on this day, just a trip back home. At night, went out with my dad and step mum and have my dinner with satay and mee goreng! Awesome!

On Friday, I'm in Melaka. Decided to buy my supplies of foods and some other cooking materials. I went to Mydin after Friday prayer. At night, went out with my family to have my old time favourite, ikan bakar Umbai!!! Those who come to Melaka, please try this place.....I enjoying myself so much!!! The food was great, and I love it!!!! Hehehe~

On Saturday, I have to go to Kuala Lumpur to spend a night at my sister's place because my dad have to go to Ayer Hitam, Johor for some wedding. I remember this day because this is the day of BERSIH 3.0.....not a fan of it. Anyway, drop by at Kajang to visit  my aunt and me cousins! Haven't met them for a very long time, except on facebook....I enjoyed my chat with them and it was informative~

Well, that wrap up my story during my holiday. After this, there will be no holiday, but only a final exam which is scary and waiting for us here. 4 months to go, and so help me God in my final exam.......Until we meet again~

Monday, February 20, 2012

My favourite food :)

Salam to all. How are you? I'm hoping that you all in the pink of health, unlike me today. What story should I write since I'm not going to class today? Emmm, it must be boring to tell you about my boring life. Other than that, maybe I can talk about food! Yeah, I love food! Everybody love food! Maybe I can share with you about some of Malaysia's delicacies that I promise you that they will be mouth-watering :)

OMG! One of my favourite food in the world! Satay is basically chicken/meat/intestine skewed on a stick. The meat is mixed first with various spices, skewed on a stick and grilled. Satay is usually ate with some "kuah kacang" along with raw onion, cucumber and "ketupat". It is usually served during festival like Eid, but it is also available everyday in many places :)

Yup! chicken rice or as we call it in Malay as "nasi ayam" is a favourite of mine and also to most of Malaysian! It is basically a chinese food, but gain its popularity among Malay and Indian too. There are various types of chicken rice. Basically, it is made of rice (cooked with chicken stock), served with slices of either fried or steamed chicken and with some chilly sauce and soya sauce +/- cucumber and tomato.  It is also available everywhere in Malaysia. Try it, and you will ask for more :)

Kuey tiow is a type of noodle originate from china. It is basically a flat noodle. Fried kuey tiow is one of my favourite and absolutely my mom's favourite! Kuey Tiow can be cooked with various method, but frying and with soup are the most popular cooking method. Fried kuey tiow is basically made by frying chilly paste, onion, prawn/chicken/meat/clamp, kuey tiow, bean sprout, "sawi", and some soya sauce to be added. Kuey tiow goreng mamak is another variety of fried kuey tiow where egg are added into it. It is most popular dish in Penang. Try it!!

One of my favourite! It is a fried rice served with delicious side dish. The side dish is made by cooking various seafood and chicken or meat! I always ordered papric fried rice when I was a teenager. Try it!!!

Most popular dish in Penang. Originate from the Mamak community, nasi kandar is basically a white rice served with various side dishes (lauk) of your choice. It was fantastic and great! It rapidly gained its popularity throughout Malaysia! Some of the famous Mamak restaurant available in Malaysia which served nasi kandar are Kayu, Zubaidah, Pelita and etc.......

Well, that was the top 5 of my favorite meal. What about dessert? Yeah, we have many traditional dessert which I guarantee that it will satisfied your tummy. Wanna see them? Let's check it out!

Truly a pearl in my life, kuih koci is one of my favourite and absolutely must-have dessert. It is made by mixing glutinious flour with the grated coconut + palm sugar in the center. It has a chewy texture and lovable by all age!

As the name suggested (beautiful princess), kuih puteri ayu is the best!! It is soft and fluffy, and sweet! I just love to eat them. My mom used to buy me kuih puteri ayu everytime after school. Truly a memory~

Waa, there are lots of them that I wish to put up, but unfortunately my stomach-ache come back. Well, I think you all can google it and see other various type of Malaysian cuisine available. Please come to Malaysia and experienced our cuisine, our kindness and explore her beauty. Until then~

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Monday, January 16, 2012


Salam. What a depressed day today. I decided not to go anywhere today, even to class this morning. I get rid of my twitter acc to give chance of people to talk behind me. I don't want to care about anything today. I just want to be at home, alone, with nobody interfering my life. Technology can sometime be really annoying and destructive. Today will be my silence day. I don't give a damn about exam right now. The hell with it. That's for tomorrow.

I'm apologize for my crude and ignorant personality. A mistake that I made can really pissed off someone who are not in my circle. I admit, I'm not as caring as you people are. But hey, that is life. Whether you like it or not, it is up to you.

I don't know why I'm mumbling and talking craps today. Everything thanks to you~

Sunday, January 15, 2012

1st entry of the year

Salam and a very good morning to all my readers! I hope it is not too late to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!

My first entry in this year, and I have less thing to tell you about. I'm still busy with my life as a final year student here in Bangalore. Being a group representative, I'm always feel tired due to many things. But, the trust that was given to me, I shall hold it. Starting tomorrow we will have our EOP exam for Paediatric. My experience for this 6 weeks posting of paediatric can only be summarized into a single word : TIRED! The constant task that the doctors given us everyday were heavy, but useful. Somehow I am gonna miss my paediatric posting. After this I'm going to start my medicine posting (scary~).......

Well, I think that's all I can say this morning. We shall meet again latter......

Ps: I'm trying to type slowly as zola is behind me, sleeping.......huhuhuhu~