Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1st IA preview: SURGERY & OBG

Salam to all. I'm sorry for not updating my IA preview yesterday. Well, today I'm going to write both of my preview; yesterday and today...


Well, what can I say about surgery 1st IA exam. Emmm, for me the questions were moderate to hard in severity, especially the question regarding the submandibular gland excision. Overall, it was ok. I think many of my friends can perform for surgery paper yesterday. Hoping for at least a pass on this paper. Here are the questions. As we all said, sharing is caring.


Coming to today's paper, OBG. As we all know, OBG stands for Obstetric and Gynaecology. This topic teach you regarding the female reproductive system and pregnancy. For me, this is the toughest subject that I have to endure this phase. Not that I don't like the subject, but the portion is too much for me to handle. Can you imagine, the topics that were included for this exam is simple, "Entire obstetric + infertility + contraceptives." Simple doesn't?? Well, hell no!! After the exam, I always kept remembering my answers. Most of them are either wrong or simply a careless mistake. For example, the short answer to define abortion. I wrote, "abortion is define as expulsion of the fetus before 28 weeks, and weight less than 1500 gms, upon which it can't survive independently." Can you detect any mistake in that sentence? yup, first is the age of gestation, supposed to be before 22 weeks, and then the WEIGHT! It was supposed to be 500 gms, not 1500 gms (a.k.a 1.5 kg!). I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that answer. Another one is the short essay no. 4 below. It was an antepartum haemorrhage, and the DDs were simply placenta previa and abruptio placentae +/- genitalia bleeding. What I wrote? The first DD I put on my answer sheet was spontaneous abortion, followed by threatened abortion and ectopic pregnancy!! Realizing my stupid mistake, I put placenta previa and abruptio placentae last, with their different. I was so upset after the exam. But Alhamdulillah, my friend comfort me and said, "don't worry Faiz, this is only the 1st IA, maybe He want us to work harder. Don't worry, there is still time before the final...that is the most important." I was relieved to hear his word of comfort, not to forget other comforting word from Imran. I know I can be a little 'bitchy' sometime, but well, that's me! Here are the questions.

Well, that's all for today. Tomorrow is paediatric. Wish me luck! Until then.....

Monday, July 11, 2011

1st IA preview: MEDICINE

Salam to all. I told you that I will try my best to update my blog, and so I did, though it is not something that is so interesting about. As you are well informed, today I have started my 1st IA in my 4th year of being a medical student. This time I have to face 4 major exam-oriented subjects, which are MEDICINE, SURGERY, OBG/O & G, and PAEDIATRIC. In short, all of them are hard, and too many! But, being a student, it is my duty to study them, do well and hopefully to become a great doctor one day.

Coming back to my IA preview, today is my 1st day, and it was MEDICINE paper! As suspected, it was hard (hard only when you are not reading it well ;p). I try my best to answer the question given. Want to see the questions? Here it goes!

So, what do you think? For some of you, you may say, "nah, kacang goreng je", but for me, it was hard! The hardest question would be the Guillian-Barre syndrome and atrial fibrillation. Also about the 6 drugs causing hepatotoxicity. Others, I think I managed to pull them off. I kept my finger cross for this paper, and also the subsequent paper. Tomorrow would be surgery, and it gonna be a blast! Please pray for me and my friends' success here! We really need it so much! Until then......

Saturday, July 09, 2011




Friday, July 08, 2011


Salam to all. Really busy right now. Got an exam next week. Seems that I have less time in updating this blog. But then, I will try my best to update it monthly :)

Well, for the past few weeks, there have been amazing things happening in my life and the life around me. Also, there are quite few things that a lil' bit upset for me. First of all, let me share with all of you about my B2 batch's Appreciation Day that was held on 25/6/2011. It was held to celebrate our ENT and Ophthalmology doctors that have taught us everything that we need to know about the subjects. On that day we appreciate them and thanks them for their knowledge and their kindness and also their patience for teaching us. We know that teaching us were hard and challenging, and therefore I thanks them again :) On that day, we performed for them, cooked for them, and presented them with a memoir of our batch. It was a best day that me and my batch mates ever had! Here are some pictures that we all took on that day. Oh, and I just a technical person only ;p

Fun, isn't it? hehehe. We tried to make our best within the short period of time, and the event was praised by all the doctors :)

Emm, what else? Oh, just last week I went to see The Transformer 3 movie at Mantri mall with Fareed, Aina, Syahir and Yaya. The movie was awesome!!! Really, 5/5 if it were to be rated.

Well, I think that's all I can think off right now. Please pray for my success in my 1st IA next week. Really2 scared because of the massive topics to be covered within a short period of time (payback for not studying it earlier ;p). Until then.......