Friday, May 27, 2011


It has been a while since I update this blog. Salam to all. I'm still breathing and still studying in this country. Up to now, I am still coping up with my study. Being in a medical course is lots harder than you see. So, for those who wish to become a doctor in the future, please prepare yourselves for the worst.

Now, since I'm updating my blog, I would like to share my experience during IMS annual dinner, that has occurred on 21st May 2011. The theme for this year annual dinner is Secret Garden. I want to congratulate to all IMS committee for working days and nights to make this dinner a total success! Thanks guy! From my point of view, the theme was perfectly executed. Though they have to change the venue at the last minute, but everything went smoothly. The night was great, with Dato' Shukry attending the function, and with the HOPE 2011 launching ceremony, and with great performances and great foods make that night a joyful night! Plus I won a lucky draw that night! I got myself a watch :) It was memorable.........


Well, that's about dinner. On the very same day, there is also a Dean List Award Ceremony, and I am one of the recipient for that award. Dato' Shukry came and present to us with the award. I still remember his words to me on that stage, I quote, "Keep up the effort, dan kalau boleh turunkan sikit badan ni" unquote. Huhuhuh, that words still humor me till now. But, thanks to MSU for the award.

I think that's all for today. Until we meet again :)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Salam to all. It has been almost 3 weeks since my last post. Sorry for no updating my blog soon as we are all busy with the study and other stuff. Anyway, I get a chance to update my blog this morning, and I'm thrill to do so.

For the last 2 weeks, we are busy for the MQA & MMC visit. What is MQA and MMC? Well, I forgot the full name of MQA, but it is an organization that give accreditation to the universities whether the university is qualify enough to organize a particular course or not, so as to speak. MMC is stands for Malaysia Medical Council. All of us are busy for their in-coming, and I was one of the person who has been chosen to sit, talk, and have lunch with them. At that time, I was so scared, I didn't have an appetite to eat. The lunch last for about an hour. I was relieved after the lunch, and pray that everything went smoothly.

Other than my study, nothing is unusual happening to me. O yeah, I forgot to tell you regarding my new 'baby', hehehe. Last Sunday, along with Syahir and Yaya, we went to National Market in Gandhinagar to bought my new 'baby'. Yes, I just bought a new phone! It was HTC Desire S! Before this, I was thinking to have Blackberry, but after considering my budget and comparing both of them, I decided to take HTC. My friend, Fareed asked me to either buy Iphone or Blackberry, but......hehehehe, sorry Fareed~ Anyway, I'm getting used to it now. I never bought any phone except Nokia. Now that I had bought HTC, I must learn how to use it, or else it will be such a waste.

Well, that's all for today, and I would like to wish HAPPY LABOUR DAY to all workers out there!!! Until then.....