Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back to India~

Salam to all. I'm back to Bangalore last Sunday. Though I'm going to miss Malaysia, but my duty here as a MBBS student must go on. I'm now in my final year, am going to do my best this time!! Just retrieved my last exam result, and Alhamdulillah I passed the exam. This time result was not as good as before, but it was fine with me. I got C+ for comm.med (thank God!!), and B+ for both ENT and Ophthalmology. My CGPA this time is 3.00 only. Final year is much tougher than before. I must give my best shot this time. Please support me and pray for my success here. Ok, want to get ready for this morning posting class, which is surgery. No more play2 (as Phua Chu Kang said) this time. Until then~~~

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another adventure~

Salam to all. Just yesterday I came back from my sister's house in Mersing. It was fun, though I had to put up my patience with my nephews and niece.....very cute, and at the same time, very the horror, huhuhu~ My trip to Mersing started last Friday. I stayed for 4 days, 3 nights. On Saturday, my parents came to join us. On that night, we pampered ourselves with BBQ (chickens, fishes, sausages, squids and prawns + my brother-in-law superb 'nasi lemak'!!). My parents went back to Melaka on Sunday, while I stayed for another night. On that day, my sister brought me to the seaside for a picnic. It was fun, playing with the water :) And finally, I went back home on Monday morning, since syahir, zola and rohaizat are going to stay at my house for 1 night.

Regarding my friends, zola and rohaizat came around 1.15pm. I picked them up at Melaka Central, and brought them to Dataran Pahlawan Mall. I asked them to go around when Syahir messaged me, asked me to pick him up at Central. I went back there, picked up Syahir and brought him also to Dataran Pahlawan Mall. While waiting for me, zola and rohaizat managed to ride the rickshaw, huhuhu~We hang out for a while, then I brought them back to my house, greeted by my parents. On that night, we went to Umbai to stuff them with lots and lots of seafood :) On the next day, I had to bring them to Kemendor and Merlimau to visit my aunts and uncle. At noon, we went to Bandar Melaka. I managed to bring them to ride the Menara Taming Sari, Melaka River cruise and climbing up the A'Famosa fortress. Then, have our lunch at McD in Dataran Pahlawan. Later on, went back to Melaka Sentral to send rohaizat and zola home. Syahir was picked up by his KMS friend in Sentral. Well, that's all. Quite sad actually to send them home. I really want them to be here for a little longer. I didn't have a nice conversation with Syahir since he has that ulcer. Well, what to do. Until then~

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Trip to the North (Malaysia, not India ;p)

Salam to all my readers! It has been almost a week since my last post. I've been in Malaysia for almost 2 weeks now, and time is disappearing too fast. In a matter of another 1 week, I'll be going back to Bangalore to resume my duty as a medical student. For now, let me tell you about my little trip to the north (Perak and Kedah):-

* Started my journey on Friday, April 1st. Stopped at Rembau for a while to pick up Atikah and her mother.

* Spent a night at Seri Manjung, Perak at my Ayahlang's house. Haven't seen him and my aunt for almost 5 years. A very touching moment for me.

* On Saturday, April 2nd, leaving Manjung for Kedah for my friend's wedding receptions! It was raining in the morning, but thanks to Allah the weather was hot and shiny during the reception. Congratulations to my friends, Mohd Farhan bin Affandi, Fazliana binti Firus, Mohd Anas Aminin and Syamimi Asaad!! May you have a everlasting happiness and blessed with lots and lots of children and grandchildren :)

* Spent 3 days, 2 night at Shazwan's house in Alor Setar! A very hospitable family. Thanks again to Shazwan for taking care of me during my stay at Alor Setar. Really enjoy myself staying with you.

* On Monday, I took my leave from Alor Setar to Kuala Kangsar, home birth of my late mother. Spending a night at Kuala Kangsar. I visited my Opah at my aunt's house in Chemor. She seems to be healthy. Love you Opah!!

* Had a bad experience during my stay at Kuala Kangsar. There is a house breaking tragedy occuring at my Opah's house, while we were all asleep. I lost my dad's camera, while Atikah and her mother lost a watch and a simcard respectively. Luckily no cash or LIFE has been taken. Praised to Allah.

* Returning back to Melaka after a long journey on Tuesday.

Well, that's all in brief I can wrote about my trip to the North. Below I'll be putting the pictures that I had took during my visit (lucky me I managed to upload the pictures at Shazwan's house). I'll be having another trip to Mersing this Friday. Pray for my journey. Until then~