Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Malaysia~

Salam. It has been almost 3 days since I left Bangalore to Malaysia for my 3-week holiday. I'm glad to be back here, but the weather is killing me! It was so bloody hot! Upon my arrival, the pilot informed us that the outside temperature is 29 degree at night! I was thinking, "Adoi, mmg lenjun la aku kat sini nnt." Anyway, what I have been doing for the past 2 days? Well, basically I just stay at home, trying to clean up the house. So far I had my asam pedas ikan pari, durians, satay and sushi. My friends also are busy with themselves. Some are preparing for the upcoming wedding, some are also preparing for their brother/sister upcoming wedding, and some are enjoying themselves gracefully. I managed to contact few of them. Well, no time to lose now. I need to get back to my 'maid' duty here. Until then~

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Thursday, March 24, 2011

3rd final exam review: COMM.MED PRACTICAL~

Salam. Alhamdulillah, I managed to finish my 3rd professional examination today. How it went? No much to talk about it, but here goes the review:-

- Began at 9 am. We started off with clinicosocial cases. At 10 am, we did the problems. At 11 am, we did the spotters, and at 11.15 am, we have an interrogation with the examiner.

-I don't know what to say, whether it is easy, medium hard, or hard. What I can say is that it is calm and smooth, though I think I answered wrongly.

Well, that's all I can say about it. I'm haunted by the upcoming result. Even though I really wish I pass all the three subjects, but still my heart is really not at peace. May Allah grant me the strength~ Until then~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3rd final exam review: ENT PRACTICAL~

Salam to all. I just finished my ENT practical exam today! Finally! Since my heart has already undergone arrythmia, the only think in my mind when I arrived at the hospital is, "please don't be mad at me. Please don't make me cry~" What happen today? Let us review:-

- Had our instruments, X-ray and models viva first. My instrument viva is not so good. Though I managed to answer regarding the Boyle-Davis mouth gag that I picked it up, but when the external examiner gave me direct laryngoscope, I got a cold feet. I know the answer, my it didn't being transmitted to my mouth. Plus Dr. Badri asked me about causes of headache in ENT! Arghh!!! I was trapped in sinusitis question, and then I am permitted to go to the next room. There, the ext. examiner askes me question regarding the larynx model. I managed to answer few of them. Then Dr. Anita showed me the Water's view of PNS.

- For history taking, I was given a case of CSOM and a case of DNS. Taking the history and performing the examination was quite fine, except in case of CSOM. Why you asked? because me and Bao got the same patient, and after that, I found out from Bao that the patient had a subtotal perforation, while I saw, what I thought of, a marginal perforation! I was so sad to know about this. But, since the history given by the patient almost correspond to the diagnosis of Unsafe CSOM, I just go on with the finding. Hope it will not affecting my mark so much. For the DNS case, the external examiner viva me regarding benign tumor of the nose and how to approach it. Luckily paan told me the night before, so I have the knowledge about it. Thanks paan!

Overall, ENT practical exam was an OK for me. I hope me and friends get a passing mark or a better mark in the practical exam. Tomorrow I'm having my last exam, community medicine practical exam. May Allah guide me tomorrow, since this is the scariest subject of all! I really do not want to fail in this subject. So God, please lend me your strength~ Until then~

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3rd final exam review: OPHTHALMOLOGY PRACTICAL~

Salam to all my readers! Well, since my theory paper have finished, now it is the time for the practical exams. Today I just done my ophthalmology practical exam at BBH. What happened to me today? Let us review:-

- The exam started around 8.30 am, beginning with syahir, yaya, noni and fareed.

- My turn around 9.20 am

- As usual, we were given two cases, I got a case of pterygium and a case of cataract.

- As per the history taking and examination, so far it runs smoothly. Patients were cooperative.

- Upon presenting the case to my examiners, there were few questions which I failed to answer fully. We have two external examiners, both I believed from MS Ramaiah Hospital.

- For the instrument, drugs, charts and model viva, I managed to answer fully.

Overall, ophthalmology practical exam today was stress-free, and I thanks to the doctors for helping me. My concern now is tomorrow's ENT practical exam! Some of my friend already broke a tear to the ENT doctor today! I just hope nothing scary happen to me tomorrow. May Allah help me and my friends! That's all, bye!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Salam to all my readers. What a wonderful day it is, because after almost 2 months of house-caged, I finally gone out to Mantri Mall (well, at least that the place I less often went to) with paan. I accompanied paan to buy some stuffs. For me, the real fun is eating the pizza and Swensen's ice cream. Before this, I craved to have that beautiful ice-cream at that place. Now, I have the chance and ordered an Earthquake. When it arrived, I was mesmerized how big it is, and how superbly delicious! I'll definitely going back there to try more of their magnificent product! hehehe, well, I think that's all. Don't want to babbling more. Until then~

Isn't it a beauty? huhuhu~

3rd final exam review: OPHTHALMOLOGY~

Salam to all. I should write the review yesterday, but I was totally consumed by the joy that I had finished my theory paper! Next week will be the most challenging part in the exam, the practical exams! God, I am so scare with the doctors who are going to observe and do the viva! Arghh!!!

Let us review yesterday paper, ophthalmology:-

- Long essay, the question was "define cataract and its aetiology. Explain the investigation and
management of cataract in an adult." For this, I wrote approximately 4 pages. Hope I am right~
- For the short essays, the question that I can still recalled were, "acute dacryocystitis, papilloedema, CRVO, POAG, and one more I always tend to forget, huhuhu" Overall, it is quite ok, though I don't really know whether I answer it correct or not. Hope I got some mark on them~
- Short answers, ermmm, kinda' ok. I manage to 'hentam' several questions, huhuhuhu~
- MCQs, here I rest my case! Quite tough!

That's all about my theory paper. Next week I'll be commenting about my practical exam. Next Sunday I'll be flying back home to Malaysia! Can't wait for that~ :) Chow~

Thursday, March 17, 2011

3rd final exam review: ENT~

Salam. Just finished my ENT theory paper few hours ago. Comment? emmm, quite ok, I guessed. Let us review:-

- Long essay, the question is about aetiopathology, clinical features and management of acute otitis media. Alhamdulillah, I did it quite well. Explained about the aetiology, pathogenesis (4-5 stages) and drug management. At one point, I started to feel, "is this question wants me to explain about acute suppurative otitis media, or acute necrotizing OM, or serous otitis media??" But I took that chances and explain entirely about ASOM. Hope I hit the target.
- Short essays, the questions were acute epiglottitis, acute retropharyngeal abscess, malignant otitis externa, foreign body of the nose and another question which I forget. Overall, ok la~ Hopefully I explained it right.
- Short answers, Overall is ok, except for one question, "osteomeatal complex." I just, "what the hell?!" I googgled it, and this is the answer:-

*OMC is a functional entity that included middle turbinate,uncinate process,ethmoid bulla, semilunar hiatus and ethmoid infundibulum.

*OMC is final common pathway for drainage and ventilation of frontal,maxillary sinuses and ant.ethmoidal cells.

*OMC is related with pathogensis of nasal sinusitis and it is basis of functional nasal endoscopic surgery.

I just laughed infinitely, as I what I wrote on the paper sound like this, "it is a combination of the periosteum and the posterior meatal wall." hahahahaha!!!!!! I can imagine how the examiner laugh when correcting my paper.
- Last is the MCQs. Ok, this MCQ is medium-hard level. Hopefully I can hit the bulleyes!

Well, that's all for today. Tomorrow is ophthalmology. Pray for my success here. Chow!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3rd final exam review:

Salam to all. Like Diyanah, I also would like to make some review and comment regarding my 3rd final exam progress. First, let me tell you about my paper:-

Paper 1
- Overall, just ok.
- Dissapointed in the PQOLI, Kuppusawamy's classification and biological control of mosquito.
- MCQ was kinda' ok also for me, though there are some question which really make me quite a headache.

Paper 2
-May I say, DAMN!!!! (3X)
- Long essay, do not aspect regarding the health approach. I wrote whatever I feel is right. Regarding the approach management by the primary health center, I did not quite understand what the question want, so I just wrote regarding the antenatal visit, pre-natal advice, delivery planning (hope the marker pity me).
- Short essay, really hate the question about the function of ASHA and Angawadi, + the health programmes for mother and children! Hope at least I got some point in my answer. Really hoping that my shots hit the target! And about PERT, I suddenly turned blurry on the question!
- Short answer, average kinda ok, I guessed.
- MCQ, not so good I think. The first 3 questions I got wrong :( Sad~

My conclusion, a pass mark is what I need to feel myself good. But, if Allah wishes me to get more than pass, than I am more grateful to Him...............

Friday, March 11, 2011

God help us all!

Final exam approaching really fast. 3 days to go before the big day. Please pray for me and my friend's success in this exam. May Allah bless us all.....

PS: A happy belated birthday to my brother, Syahid, my brother-in-law, Mohd Hidris, and also to my ex-housemate, Abdul Hadi~

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Am I a loser?

Salam. It's been a while. As you all know, I had finished my 3rd IA. In a matter of a week, I'll be having my 3rd Professional Examination (14/3/2011). Recently, the 3rd IA result have been announced. I pass ophthal and ENT, but I fail! 3 failure in a row, that's is something that I would never wish to occur, but it has. I was so devastated after knowing my score. I feel that the whole world is against me. I feel that I am such a loser. I envy my friends who pass the subject. Some might know that I don't like to be envious, because when I became envious, it's hard to relinquish that feeling. Some of my friends advice me to improve my handwriting, to line the important point in my answer sheet, etc2. But what if the problem lie with my lack of knowledge and enthusiasm? Even if I mark the point with coloured pen, will it guarantee my success in the subject? Even today itself, while I took my cat nap, I dreamed about and all of its horror. Arghhh!!! I don't like this feeling!!! Hate this feeling!!! Bugger!!!!