Friday, December 31, 2010

2010.....lost, but never forgotten

Salam. Finally, 2010 is at the end. Today will be the last day for 2010, and tomorrow another year will emerge, either to haunt us or to cheer us. For me, 2010 is a year of "so-so". Nothing much happening for me in this year, well, except for my birthday celebration, which is a blast! So, let me review back the year 2010....

January : Entering the new year with full of spirit. Getting ready for the Phase 2 final exam

February : Working harder and harder day by day to pass the final exam

March : Let the game begin!

April : Bad memory during my 2-week break. Home alone, 2 days without power supply, bad weather, etc. But, going to Chennai for the first time with my friends. Ate like crazy at Pelita Restaurant and stayed at En. khai's condo :)

May : Entering Phase 3, Part 1. Ophthal, ENT and become my new challenges

June : I'm really struggle for Damn!

July : Fail 1st IA :(

August : 21st of August really made me wanna' to cry. Happy birthday along :(

Sept : Have a fantastic birthday celebration with my B2 batch mates! Thanks guy! Also, her 1st year anniversary of death. Rest in peace along. And happy birthday mum, miss you too :(

Oct : 2nd IA. India is much heated up with the Babri masjid verdict. Got an early vacation. Went back to Malaysia for 1 week :) After 1 week, continuing 2nd IA, and again I fail, damn!

Nov : I'm starting to lose faith in myself. Lucky I got a caring friends :)

Dec : End of the year. Really feel the emptiness in my life. Have a thought of changing my career, but my friends had gave me the reason to fight for myself. I'm really grateful to have them :)

Well, that wrapped up everything that I had undergone through in this year. May 2011 brings us joy and happiness. Until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Another post~

Salam to all. The weather in Bangalore is killing me! Every morning, it's almost 13-15 degrees! If you go outside in the morning, there will be smoke coming out from your mouth every time you breathe or talk, cool~

Sadly, my life right now is totally suck. Just yesterday me and some of my colleagues have been banned from entering the posting class taught by one of our Medicine doctor. Why? Because I we didn't came last Monday. But hey, I got a fever on Monday, and even I told her that, she still would not believe it and asked for MC letter. You guys know when I sick, I do not go to the hospital or clinic. She said if we want to enter her class, we must write an apology letter or something like that. Damn!!!

Last night, after several years, I am finally hit the court, playing some badminton. I know I sucked in the rules of the game, but hey, what the hell, I just played with my friends. It was fun, and lucky me vijay is there to teach me some of the rule. Thanks vijay. Playing badminton kinda loosen me up, and lifting all of that crappy problems and stress that I had.

Today is a joyful celebration for all Christian out there. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Salam. Here I am, writing my second post of the month, with ill-looking face and a bad headache. It is tense last night. Got myself attacked with dysphagia, odynophagia, and headache. To make it worse, had a couple of non-projectile vomiting this morning (lucky me that my house mates were not awaken with that gruesome sound of me vomiting). Yesterday was not my day. I was fasting yesterday, hoping to break my fast with syahir at relish, but that idea flew away as he messaged me, telling me that he has to go to the consulate dinner replacing hadi. Even though I acted cool, but actually I am a lil' bit heart broken because I'm really want to break my fast with somebody since all my house mates are also joining the dinner. Well, I just break my fast with a mouthful of chocolate cheese cake that I bought from diyanah and a bowl of tom yam porridge, and went to bed as early as 9.30pm. I was hoping to be awaken with a good health to begin my day today, but it only just a moment. Right now, I'm still having odynophagia and have not taken my bath, yet. I just hope that my health would come back immediately.

I also had promised myself to cook chicken rice today for tikah's family before they leaving Bangalore tomorrow. I really want to, but since I got this sickness, I'm really and truly apologize to tikah and others who which I had given them hope to have a chicken rice tonight. I'm really sorry, truly sorry~

Friday, December 10, 2010

A simple wish~

Salam to all. It's has been almost a month since my last post. My life is a little bit hectic recently, which put me to 'no time' for blogging. I do not want to talk much this evening. Here, I just want to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my one of my dearest friend, Siti Nur Atikah binti Rosli which celebrating her 22nd birthday today. Happy birthday tikah! And also a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY wish to my dearest friend and pal, Ahmad Syahir bin Sarji who had celebrated his 23rd birthday on Nov, 30th. May all of your dreams come true and may you be always happy with the people you loves at your side. Cheers lad!

May you be cherished tikah~

Syahir, may our friendship last forever