Sunday, November 21, 2010


Salam to all. It's 21/11/2010 (14 Zulhijjah 1431H). Eid adha celebration has already ended yesterday, and we are grateful to His Almighty for giving us the chance to celebrate it once more. Thank you Allah. Since I didn't went to the Eid celebration at the college, I don't have any pictures to share with you all. Why I didn't went? First, it was raining. Second, I was lazy, huhuhu.

Flash news, I failed my test......again. Damn!! I don't know how to score this subject. Is the subject tough? or is it me lacking the spirit to study the subject? or it just the subject hates me? I just don't know the reason behind it! Not just me, many of my fellow friends flunked the subject too. I don't want to repeat this subject. Do you know that I had this subject since my 1st year?! Really almost taking me to the state of nauseating. When I call my Angah, telling her about my failure in the last semester test, she said that if I fail in the final, I can't go back home! I don't want that to happen. I'll be having a 3-week vacation, and my friends are getting married! I don't want to miss that! Henceforth, I will try my best to at least get this 3rd IA exam pass! Please pray for mine and our success too.....

Next week, my fellow friends from Batch A will finally have their postponed practical exam of ENT and Ophthalmology. I wish them good luck. Do your best guys!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sport's Day IMS 2010!

Salam to all. Today I want to share with you about IMS Annual Sport's Day 2010 that had ended last Thursday. Overall, it was a success! I want to congratulate IMSA committee and others who have worked so hard in making this event a total fun! It begin on Friday, Nov 5th (on the day of Diwali. HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL INDIANS!). On the first day, we had futsal matches, volleyball (female), basketball (male) and badminton. I will put up the pictures of the first day later, since suddenly the pictures which I had claimed from Syahir today suddenly lost fro my pendrive! The first day was kinda' ok. Why I said that? Because my batch's futsal team didn't made it. On day 2, we start at the evening, since we had end posting exam in the morning. Basketball (male), futsal (female), selipar tuju, and badminton continued on day 2. I went for the badminton game which happen at night. It was fun cheering for our batch's team :) On day 3, there are netball, volleyball (male), basketball (female), badminton and contemporary games. As I had mentioned on my previous post, day 3 is not so good. The weather was bad and cold. Only netball and volleyball (male) games that were managed to be played. Basketball (female) was postponed to another day because of the continuous rain. At night, badminton and contemporary games went well. Due to the weather, basketball (female) was postponed on Tuesday, Nov 9th and the finale' was also postponed on Thursday, Nov 11th. On D-day, the weather was fine and we really enjoying ourselves, especially with the food festival. I managed to taste keropok lekor, satay, and variety of kuih-muih :) The sport's day officially end around 6pm. It was great, fun and cheerful. Again, congratulation to all IMSian!!! Enjoy the pictures!!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Freakin cold!

Salam to all. Before I begin writing, it is not too late I hope to wish all Indians a HAPPY DEEPAVALI CELEBRATION!!! With firecrackers cracking on the sky, it must be a wonderful and joyful celebration :)

Today is the third day for IMS sport's day! And unfortunately today is cold and raining like cats and dogs! The temp is ~18 degree celcius in Bangalore! It was freaking cold and there is no different between morning, afternoon and evening. Today supposed to have netball, volleyball (M) and basketball (F), but due to the weather, final match of netball has been cancelled and our batch have to share championship with the 3rd batch junior. For volleyball team, I heard that our team forfeit at the half way, not because of the rain, but do not want anyone to undergo injury. Yes, today my friend Syahir has been sent to ER because of ankle sprain. I don't know the condition since he did not answering my call, but judging from what my friend told me, it is a moderate injury and doctor asked him to come back after 5 days. Despite of the injury he had, he still want to go for badminton match tonight to support our batch for the final match. He was supposed to play double with paan, but he has to be replaced with rohaizat. May our batch win the match tonight~

God bless you, and enjoy your weekend!