Sunday, October 31, 2010


Salam to all. It's been a while. Right now, my current status is "study2 until you crazy!", huhuhu~ I've finally end my 2nd IA last Friday, and I am very pleased with it! Now I am focusing on 3rd IA and my final exam. To tell you the truth, I don't know whether I can sit for the final exam or not, especially for ophthalmology and Why? Because I skipped lots of those classes and whether I can sit for them, is now hanging towards the fate of my attendant. I need a minimum of 85% attendant to sit for an exam. Every night, I always keep thinking about it. I wish it would not happen to me (O please Allah!). I want to go back to Malaysia after the final because my friends will be getting married at that time. I wish that I can sit, and pass the final exam, so that I can have a jolly good time then.

Here, I want to share with you my 2nd experience of shopping with syahir & yaya. It was yesterday, and they picked me up in front of my house around 11.30am. At first, we were going to the National Market to accompany Syahir to buy digital camera. He managed to buy his favourite, Sony W360 with a price of Rps 10500 (memory card + screen protector included). For me, it was cheap, because if we go to the standard Sony store, the camera only will cost you about Rps 12000! From National market, we went to MG road. The weather nowadays is cloudy, and on the way to MG road, rain suddenly fall, but stop when we reached there (thank God!). Then, they dragged me to Converse store (before that, I had a talk to yaya about having a converse shoes of my own). Syahir kinda' push me to try and buy a converse shoes. He managed to persuade me and I really bought a converse shoes! Then, we walked to Garuda mall. There, I bought a nice sweater for mimi's birthday and yaya bought a watch for mimi's too. After that, we decided to have some lunch. At first, we went to Kobe, but the restaurant was full, and then we decided to go to this Korean restaurant located not far away from Brigade road. After zuhur prayer, we went there, by walked. I was so excited to go there, especially after seeing the pictures of the food there posted by Diyanah on her facebook. upon arriving there, we stumbled upon Farisya and Nadia Sahari. After seeing the menu, Syahir and Yaya was not convinced of the 'halal' status of the food since they see a picture of pork delicacies on the menu. After further discussion, we decided to turn down Korean food, and went back to Church Street to have our lunch at 20ft restaurant. Actually, I'm totally heart-broken at that time :( After having my steak at 20ft, we went back home.

Today is also mimi's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST FRIEND AND NEIGHBOUR, SYAMIMI YASIN! Tikah and the rest hold up a simple lunch for the guests. The food was nice and we really enjoyed ourselves today. I will put the pictures later, since most of it in Syahir's cam. Again, Happy Birthday Mimi!!! May you be blessed!

I hope it is not too late to wish my ex-housemate, Shazwan a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! (29/10). May you have a blast in your life!

Thursday, October 21, 2010



Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tomorrow, another history will be carved in at Melaka!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wrap up holiday~

Salam to all. It's been a while. My 1-week holiday has finally comes to an end. My class for this new term has already started. In this post, I just want to share with you what I had did during my stay in Malaysia, huhuhu~

After hanging out in Melaka for 3 days, me and my brother depart to Kuala Kangsar, Perak on Monday to visit my Opah. Journey from Melaka to Perak took about +/- 5 hours. Driving my father's Myvi, we arrived at Kuala Kangsar around 2.15pm. I was happy to see my Opah who, although she had 'bongkok', but alhamdulillah still healthy as before. There also I met my uncle and aunt with my 8+1 cousins, who most of them had grew up! At that very same night, I visit my 'tok sedara.' There are lots of things that I talked with my Opah. One thing that she always said to me is about how her first and second child, and her first grand-daughter had passed away before her. Yes, that people referred to my late mother, uncle and my along. A little bit sad actually when she said about it, but only Allah know the best. Anyway, at Kuala Kangsar, I didn't miss the chance to taste the infamous laksa kuale (laksa pak ngah). The specialty of this laksa is that the laksa noodle is hand made and it is soft, not as hard as any other laksa noodle found in any markets, and the gravy is absolutely fantastic! You people should try it sometime! The next day, we had to go back to Melaka. I can't stay there long since I had many other things to do. So, I leave Kuala Kangsar, back to KL to send my brother home, and drive alone back to Melaka.

On Wednesday, I depart to Mersing as early as 6am. Why Mersing? because my sister lives there. I had to meet her and her 4-super active children who I missed so much (well, not so after I met them, hahahaha~) Arrived at Mersing at 9.30am. Everything was smooth, and the journey was alright. I have to say that the children are really active! Even I can't manage them alone, and that is why I admire my angah so much. Leaving Mersing back to Melaka on Thursday.

My last 3 days in Malaysia, I spent it by visiting Melaka and my teacher's house. Also I went to see my Mak Sajen and Mak Salmi. It was fun and great!

Well, that's all about my holiday. Upon my arrival at Bangalore, my mood started to change and stress plus depression come back haunting. Until then.....

Friday, October 01, 2010

Holiday season!

Salam to all. Well, I'm now in Melaka! It's good to be back home after 3 years staying in the so-called "INCREDIBLE INDIA." I'm backed yesterday midnight. The original plan was to go home on 2/10, but due to the verdict, Karnataka declare a 2-day holiday, and my remaining exam (just the practical exam) will be postponed after the holiday. So, Farid asked me to return back to Malaysia on Wednesday. It was a gamble, because we didn't know whether we can change our ticket to that day or not. After arriving at the airport, and after Fien and Zahidah talked with the AirAsia officer, we managed to get our ticket changed! Leaving behind my remaining friends and housemate, we fly back to Malaysia at 1715 and arrived at LCCT at 2345.

I've been here for 2 days, and so far what I do is sightseeing and of course, eat! Only just 1 day that I feel that I had gained 1-2kg! hahahaha!!!! My days has been planned, and hope that things will workout. Don't have enough material to tell you, but to all my friends in Malaysia and to those who have come back to Bangalore and are here in Melaka vicinity, please contact my hp. The number has been put up at my facebook (it's celcom, a new number). Ok, until then......