Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A short babbling......

Salam to all. It is a cold morning here in Bangalore, with me in front of the laptop, along with my pharmacology book. Less than a month, I'll be having my 3rd Internal Assessment. This is very important exam for me and my friends here because the mark of the 3rd IA will be included in our continuous mark, along with one of the best mark between 1st and 2nd IAs. Preparation must be taken heed if I want to pass my 2nd phase successfully. Hence, I'm praying to Allah that He bless us with the strength and knowledge. A week after the 3rd IA comes the final exam. I think you can imagine how hectic my life has been in this past few months! But, it's going to be relieved with 2-week vacation!! Can't wait for that day to come.

Today is a public holiday in India, because today is the Republic Day! So, Happy Republic Day India!! May your country be free of poverty and bribery........

File:Emblem of India.svg

Also, I would like to express my congratulation to the Tengku Mahkota Johor, Tunku Ibrahim Ismail for being chosen as the 25th (5th in the Temenggong lineage) Sultan of Johor on 23th January 2010 due to the demise of the former Sultan of Johor, Almarhum Sultan Iskandar.
May His Majesty rule the people of Johor fairly and wisely........

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The demise of the 24th Sultan of Johor

Salam to all. Last night was a night of grief, especially to Johorian when His Royal Highness the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Mahmud Iskandar al-haj ibn Almarhum Sultan Ismail passed away at 1917 (Malaysia time) in Hospital Pakar Puteri, Johor Baharu. His Majesty died in the aged of 77 years old. Even though I'm not his biggest fan, but still, as a Malays subject, we should respect our kings no matter how they act whatsoever. Therefore, I, representing my family and also the people of Melaka wish of our condolences to the royal family of Johor, and also to the people of Johor. May Allah forgive His Majesty sins and place him in a better place. Al-fatihah for:-

Almarhum Sultan Mahmud Iskandar al-haj ibn Almarhum Sultan Ismail, the 24th Sultan of Johor (8th Yang Di-Pertuan Agong)

PS: 7-day mourning for Johorian...........

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm having severe headache this past two days and it is not relieved by paracetamol + I'm having lots and lots of things happening this week.......

Help me~

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Realizing the pain..........

Salam to all. Again, I'm writing this blog, on a cold morning, with me skipping class for the whole day, just to finish my assignment, huhuhu. Therefore, an apology to my friends and lecturers for not attending today's class. Well, I have nothing much to say for this morning. I just want to emphasize something regarding the human body. We all noticed that some of us are thin, some are fat, some are too tall and some are too small. Maybe people who call themselves have the perfect figure and so, always making fun of us. This was happening to me yesterday when I was on my way to the class. This group of men, standing on the roadside, even they knew that I can understand English, still they mocking me and call me fat, etc2. If they were kids, I maybe have the courtesy of apologizing them, but they all are adult! At that time, I was really pissed off, and just want to give a little 'souvenir' to them, but I had to remain calm, since I know that I'm in a foreign country, and one of the rule of surviving in a foreign country is to mingle with their people, etc. So, with my heart sored, I just walk like there is nothing happen. But, yesterday's event had thought me something too. Before this, I also teased some friend of mine because they were too tall, or too thin, or too short. When Allah placed me in the same spot as theirs yesterday, it make me realize how excruciating it is to be called something that you didn't like to hear. Maybe yesterday's event is a way Allah tried to show me the pain when someone is being called something they didn't like. Maybe after this I might consider myself to talk carefully and not called them with something they didn't like to hear. Anyway, just please pray for my success in the upcoming exam in the February and March this year. May Allah help me in this crucial hours. Until then........

Friday, January 08, 2010


Salam to all. It is Friday, and I don't have any clinical tomorrow, so, it is a total holiday for me this week! Well, the exam, as I had said before is getting nearer, and I could not afford of losing my concentration now! Need to study more, but before that, I would like to congratz my senior abang zaki and kak ija for having a baby boy today!!! Congratulation for having a new member of your family, hehehehe.

Here I would like to talk briefly regarding the issue that nowadays storming Malaysia; the usage of the word Allah by the Herald Catholic. I am not an expert in religion, but from my point of understanding, the word Allah signify the name of God in Islam. We Islam has always use 'Allah' to refer to His Almighty. Even in the holy Quran also Allah has been written as His Almighty. I don't know why suddenly Herald Catholic wants to use the word Allah in their paper, but their action seem want to revive back the black history of Malaysia (13th May 1969). The situation worsen when the high court 'allowed' the usage of the word 'Allah' by Herald Catholic in their paper!! This is totally unpredictable! I always thought that this decision could never happen, but seem it had! Millions of Malaysian muslim rage across the nation, objecting the decision made by the high court. For me it should, since Allah is a holy word that is referring to His Creator! The action of Herald Catholic, plus the decision made by the high court is like spitting on our pride as Muslim. I 100% support the action taken by the Home Ministry to take this matter to appeal court, and since I do not want anything bad happen, like riot, fighting, etc2, I'm hoping that all Muslim would remain calm, and pray a lots to Him so that we win in the appeal court. Let us stand together, hand-in-hand, and unite in the name of Islam. Put aside our differences, either politically or socially and let us pray to Him, for peace and for justice! May Allah be on our side!!

PS: I can't really understand the decision taken by the PKR, haih~

Saturday, January 02, 2010

New PBT in Melaka? huhuhuhuhu......

MELAKA 1 Jan. - Majlis Perbandaran Hang Tuah Jaya (MPHTJ) akan menjadi bandar raya pintar dari segi pentadbiran, perkhidmatan dan perekonomian.

Ketua Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam berkata, MPHTJ bukan sahaja akan menjadi pusat pentadbiran baru kerajaan negeri tetapi juga tempat belajar, penempatan dan rekreasi seiring gagasan 1Malaysia.

Menurutnya, MPHTJ juga akan dijadikan sebagai sebuah pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT) berintegriti dan dinamik yang mendahulukan rakyat dan mengutamakan pencapaian.

''Kerajaan negeri optimis MPHTJ dapat dibangunkan sebagai pusat pentadbiran baru negeri Melaka yang serba moden dengan mengutamakan keselesaan kepada pengguna.

''Selain itu, ia juga akan dijadikan sebagai pusat perkembangan teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi (ICT) dan multimedia secara bersepadu di negeri ini," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita selepas melancarkan Majlis Perbandaran Hang Tuah Jaya (MPHTJ) di Pusat Dagangan Antarabangsa Melaka (MITC), Ayer Keroh di sini hari ini.

Majlis tersebut telah disempurnakan oleh Yang Dipertua Negeri, Tun Mohd. Khalil Yaakob.

Turut hadir ialah Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan, Datuk Ahmad Kabit.

MPHTJ menjadi majlis perbandaran keempat diwujudkan di negeri ini selepas Majlis Perbandaran Alor Gajah (MPAG), Majlis Perbandaran Jasin (MPJ) dan Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah (MBMB).

Perisytiharan itu, menjadikan MPHTJ sebagai PBT yang ke-147 diwujudkan di negara ini.

MPHTJ yang mempunyai keluasan 14.293 hektar itu meliputi 24 peratus kawasan daerah Alor Gajah, 36 peratus kawasan daerah Jasin dan 40 peratus kawasan daerah Melaka Tengah, kini didiami kira-kira 114,732 penduduk.

Mengulas lanjut Mohd. Ali berkata, kerajaan negeri telah menggariskan enam strategi mantap ke arah menjadikan MPHTJ sebagai bandar mampan.

Strategi tersebut katanya ialah pembentukan pusat pentadbiran pintar, pembangunan ekonomi dan tarikan pelabur, pembentukan imej dan identiti, peningkatan tahap dan kualiti hidup, kawasan rekreasi tarikan pelancong dan pengukuhan urus tadbir pembangunan Hang Tuah Jaya.

''Dengan enam strategi tersebut, Hang Tuah Jaya diharap terus membangun sebagai sebuah pusat pentadbiran ultra moden dan menjadi contoh kepada bandar-bandar lain di Malaysia," katanya.

Katanya, lebih penting Hang Tuah Jaya akan menjadi pusat pentadbiran setanding di Putrajaya.

Sehubungan itu, katanya, kerajaan negeri turut mempelawa semua pelabur dan peniaga untuk membuat pelaburan di Hang Tuah Jaya kerana mereka akan ditawarkan dengan pelbagai pakej menarik.

Di samping itu katanya, Hang Tuah Jaya juga akan dibangunkan sebagai zon kediaman selesa yang dilengkapi dengan infrastruktur sosial dan memenuhi segala prinsip pembangunan bandar mampan.

Friday, January 01, 2010



Wrap Up 2009

Salam to all my reader. Finally, December 31st, 2009 has finally come to the end and within less than 2 hours, January 1st, 2010 will open a new chapter in our life. Lots of thing have happen in this year; happiness, sadness, weirdness, loneliness, etc2. 2009 will definitely leave us the harsh and exciting memories that we had. Before 2010 appear, I would like to make a quick recap of what had happen to me in 2009:

Celebrating the new year with joy and happiness. I had my time in this month; barbequing with my friends, receiving souvenir from the "Journey to the north" gangs, had something written to Imran, and many more. It was a fun month!

Nothing much happen in this month, just busy with exam, etc. Not so fond of this month actually.

Earth hour month, where blackout across the world occur for the purpose to conserve energy, huhuhu.

Quite a month. I think this is the month where I truly became a geek, huhuhuhu.

Having dinner batch for the first time. had it at 13th floor restaurant. Others are quite normal, huhuhuhuhu

Yeah, in this month I received the news of my friend, Zulyanah to be married with a great guy. Also, this is memorable month since IMS Sport's day held in this month. An exciting month to be remembered.

Month of comm.med, ahaks!'

Ramadhan making its appearance in this month. Also, I had quite a bang from my reader, huhuhuhu....

Month of 2nd IA, and also where I lose my beloved along. May her soul rest in peace :(

Mimi's birthday!!

Meeting with Dato' Mustafa, Minister of MITI + angry with MSU about the ridiculous fees!

Holiday at Innovative Film City, and also month of total geek, huhuhu

Well, that's all I can say about my life in 2009. Finally, I would like to thanks everyone who had made my life in this year. May 2010 brings hope and happiness, to me, to us and to the world. May Allah bless this upcoming year. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!