Saturday, October 31, 2009

It was great!

Salam to all. Last night was a great night. Today is mimi birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIMI!) and they organized a BBQ at their house yesterday. The menu, other than the BBQ stuff are sphagetti with red sauce ( courtesy from noni), nasi ayam (made by mimi herself), rojak buah with mimi's home made sauce, cakes (bought by naim + nazri & vijay + tom), some puding (made by hadi) and with air sirap (Malaysia mali punya!). Many people came last night, and it was fun. For me which is responsible for lighting up the BBQ and making sure that the fire doesn't goes off, it was a very tiring night for me. But above all, everyone were happy with the food, and it was all worth it. Here, I would like to thanks munira, naim, nazri, faiezah, vijay, tom, etc which had dedicated their energy last night to cook the BBQ :) You guys are great. Lastly, I want to thanks again to tikah and mimi for organizing the BBQ! Looking forward for it in the future. Well then, until then.......


A news from Melaka:

Melaka Kem Pengakap Dunia.

JASIN 30 Okt. - Kawasan Lembah Beruk di Serkam dekat sini bakal menjadi satu lagi tarikan pelancongan di negeri ini apabila ia diiktiraf oleh Persekutuan Pengakap Dunia sebagai Kem Pengakap Dunia Melaka.

Setiausaha Agung persekutuan itu, Luc Panissog berkata, pengiktirafan tersebut diberikan kepada Melaka bertepatan dengan komitmen serta sokongan kerajaan negeri dalam setiap aktiviti pengakap yang dianjurkan di sini.

Menurut beliau, pemilihan Melaka sebagai tapak perkhemahan pengakap dunia itu adalah bertepatan dengan status negeri itu sebagai Bandar Raya Warisan Dunia oleh Pertubuhan Pendidikan, Saintifik dan Kebudayaan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (UNESCO), Julai tahun lalu.

''Ini selaras dengan usaha memartabatkan pengakap yang sememangnya aktif di serata dunia dan pemilihan Melaka sebagai tapak perkhemahan Pengakap Dunia adalah tepat," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita selepas majlis perasmian dan meletakkan Papan Tanda Melaka World Scout Camp yang telah disempurnakan oleh Ketua Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam di sini hari ini.

Turut hadir Ketua Pengakap Malaysia, Datuk Dr. Shafie Mohd. Salleh, Pengarah Pusat Belia Antarabangsa, Datuk Raja Ruslan Raja Samah.

Majlis itu juga turut dihadiri kira-kira 400 delegasi yang menyertai Perhimpunan Pengakap Rantau Asia Pasifik kali ke-23 yang berlangsung di Kuala Lumpur dan berakhir esok.

Sementara itu, Mohd. Ali berkata, kawasan seluas 32 hektar di Lembah Beruk akan dilengkapi dengan pelbagai kemudahan perkhemahan sesuai untuk kehadiran pengakap dari seluruh dunia.

Beliau berkata, kemudahan yang akan dibina itu bertepatan untuk menampung 20,000 ahli pengakap yang akan berkumpul pada satu-satu masa.

''Segala kemudahan bertaraf antarabangsa seperti perkhemahan, pentadbiran dan pusat latihan yang lengkap akan disediakan di sini," katanya.

Menurut Mohd. Ali, kerajaan negeri akan memastikan pembinaan pusat perkhemahan itu menelan perbelanjaan bernilai RM20 juta adalah yang terbaik selaras dengan pengiktirafan yang diberikan.

Beliau yakin pengisytiharan itu juga selaras dengan Melaka sebagai negeri belia berikutan banyak infrastruktur yang dibina bertaraf dunia dan banyak kemudahan untuk belia terdapat di negeri ini.

Pada majlis tersebut juga, Mohd. Ali turut menerima pingat International Scout Friendshipdaripada wakil pengakap negara Korea.

dipetik dari Utusan Malaysia (31/10/2009)

~ I'm proud of it :) ~

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Money, money, money.........MONEY!!

Salam to all. It's been a while. First of all, I would like to say "GOOD MORNING BANGALORE!!!!" Yeah, it's morning here, a cold, chilling morning it is. Well, as per the title said, I only had 2 words to say, and that is "I'M BROKE!!!!!" Some people react, "OMG, Faiz broke? How come?" Emmmm, well, back at Malaysia, I spend a lot, mainly on food. Furthermore, I deposited lots of my money into TH and ASB. And, after reaching here, I realized that my money left only a few. After paying my debt and so on, it finally came to a number which I do not want to state here. Sad, very sad. Never in my life I encounter such situation. For the first time, I sacrifice my desire to eat KFC with my friends, buying new bags, etc2. Even my lunch may sometime be 2 bars of Kit Kat chocolate and a bottle of mango juice. Isn't that pathetic?! I also didn't have enough money to refill my supply of coke and biscuit + ice cream! I really feel want to cry right now! So, I begging to MARA, please hurry up depositing my allowance money into my account. I really hope that today is my lucky day. If I get my money today, I promise to be a good boy :-), huhuhuhuhu. Well, I'm crossing my finger for today........

Money! Come to me!!!!!!!!




Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October in Bangalore......

Salam to all. Sorry for not updating my blog for a while. After the 2 weeks holiday, there are lots of stuff that I need to do and accomplish. Being a 5th term student is not as easy as it look. It nice when your new junior call you 'abang', but being not able to achieve a good result and have this sense of emptiness makes me like a total loser. Well, maybe I am a loser, huhuhuhu. Anyway, in this past few weeks of my life in October, there are many things happen to me. I went out to BBQ Nation for the second time, this time with Imran, Zana, Kak Wani and Kak Khalid. I had a great time there with them. Then, being live alone for 4 days because my housemate were going to Jassi at Manipal is also a great things happen to me, because I can learn how to survive on my own (is it? emmm) In addition, my batch (I mean batch B2) was having a raya celebration. We all cook ourselves with Pak Din cooked a delicious soto, noni with her 'nasi impit', me with my begedil ayam., munira with her rendang ayam and bubur pulut hitam, hadi with his satay goreng and puding, yaya with her mee goreng, sharmini with her masala vade, awien with her kuah kacang, and bao & shahril with their carbonated drinks! We did it at Syahir's place. It was the best gathering ever! Hopefully this will happen again next year! In this few weeks also, I've been having this thought. Am I who I am now? I realize that I've changed! I know, I hate changes, but it can't be avoided. I realized that I have become lazy, always have this desire to skip classes, etc2. I don't know how am I going to revert myself to the old me. Hope that you all can help me overcome this problem. Well, that's all for today. See you in my next post. Enjoy some pics that I had took this past few weeks. Wslm......

My new baby!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Back again!

Salam to all. I'm right now in Bangalore. Yup, been here for almost 3 days. Class has just started yesterday, with new lecture for, etc2. Today I didn't manage to come to the class since I having slight cold and feverish. Next week I'll be having 1st sessional assessment for Have to mug up everything, huhuhuhu. Bangalore, compare to Malaysia, is soooo freakin' cold, but I like it!! No more profuse sweating from my head anymore, huhuhuhu. Roy and Farid have also came back from Egypt past 2 days ago. They bring lots of stuff back with them, and thank to them for giving me some souvenir, huhuhuhu. Not all of my friends have return back from Malaysia, some extending their holiday for another week, like Syahir, yaya, farhan, maro, etc. Just wait for all of them to come back to fill up back the lecture hall, huhuhuhu. After 2 weeks of holiday at Malaysia, suddenly I just craving for the nasi lemak, and therefore make it today as breakfast! Unfortunately, farid and maybe rohaizat are having their 'puasa 6' and since I didn't know it, I only ate alone, huhuhuhu. But, cooking is my favourite activity, so no sweat! Well, just want to write up until this. Pray for my success in next week exam. Oh, forgot to mention! Just seeing my 2nd IA result yesterday, and all of them I passed. Couldn't say pass with excellent, but just a pass. Well, have a nice day!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A great holiday it is

Salam to all. It has been almost 2 weeks of my holiday. It is October today, and 2 more days before I'll be going back to Bangalore. It was fun spending my time in Malaysia, although I had to "pay it with a high price." My raya celebration is totally outstanding! Event though one of my sibling has passed away, but it is celebrated nicely. I'm now packing my stuff back. Don't know whether my bag has enough space to fill in the stuff I bought from here. I would like to thanks my friends here for being able to see me, even though some hasn't. This year I managed to beraya at almost all of my teacher's house, like Pn. Sharimah, Cikgu Sazali & Pn. Horsiah, Pn. Daslina, Pn. Rogayah, Cikgu Kamil, Cikgu Ramli, Hjh. Hazizah, and Pn. Safiah. It was fun seeing them again, reminiscing of the good and harsh memory that I had with them, huhuhuhu. Well, now I had to reset my mind and back on the track. Need to get out from the holiday mood and entering back the study mood. The 5th term is gonna be tough for sure. Let's us pray for our success, regardless of our career. Here, I'm going to put some pics that I took. Until then my friends........