Saturday, September 26, 2009

3-day posts....

Salam to all. It has been a wonderful day in Malaysia. Here, I'm having so much fun 'beraya' at my friend's and teacher's houses. Here are some story for my 3-day 'beraya':-

Today, I didn't do much. I stay back home, continuing my study since I'll be having its exam on 15 & 16 October. Today is my relax day, so there is nothing much to tell.

The spirit of raya is back! Today, after picking up yusri from serkam, we straight to cikgu sazali house. Around 11.30 am, we went down to Tehel for Raf's house. There, I met tikah hassan and kathy, huhuhuhu. After praying at Tehel mosque, we went to CTM's house. There, we met koe. After that, went to pick up koe, and straight to pdah house. After a while, we then finally go to Semabok to Iffah's house. Around 5.30 pm, I sent Yusri and Koe back home.

Today, my mission of raya is still on, hahahahaha. Around 9.30 am, I went to Serkam to cikgu Kamil's house. There, I met Yusri, along with the Kembau. Then, around 11.30 am, after picking up the Kembau, went to kak das's house at Taman Merak. 1.15 pm we left her house and went to Masjid Ubudiah at Ayer Keroh Height for Zohor. Then, we went to Jasin to the infamous Al-Qaseemi cafe for the 'open shop', huhuhu. Koe served us well (does this sound correct to you all?) Then, we went to Fathi's house, which is none other than the house of the honourable Sahibus Samaah Al-Mufti negeri Melaka. Then, we try to raya at Hjh Hazizah, our former principle's house, but she is not available. So, instead of Hjh Hazizah's house, we went to Taman Ayer Molek Jaya where Cikgu Ramli lived. My first time visiting his house, huhuhu. There, we stumbled upon our junior (2006 batch), and our senior (2003 batch). After sending Fathi, Yusri and Kembau home, I went to Masjid As-Salam for a little trip at my beloved's house. All ends up well. Until then.....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raya, raya and raya.....

Salam to all. This post will have 2 posts.

Today is 3rd Raya in Malaysia. For today agenda, we raya at Busu's places. Then, me, my brother and my sister went down to Jaya Jusco at Ayer Keroh for Sushi King. I'm craving for Sushi King since I'm at Bangalore. Having it make my tummy happy :-) At night, my cousin (always forgot her name) treating her family and us ikan bakar umbai!!! Finally, the dream comes true! I don't care what people around me say, I eat, and eat and eat like there is no tomorrow. I 'balun' 3 nasi lemak, with kupang, ikan jenahak bakar, asam pedas ikan pari, and sotong goreng tepung. Today is my luckiest day! Well, until then.......

It's 4th Raya here in Malaysia. Today, I had planned to raya with my friends around Melaka. Around 10 am, I went to Yusri's place at Serkam and beraya there. Then, went to Koe's at Ayer Merbau. Around 1-2 pm, we together went to Ayong's place at Tehel. Seriously, ayong has become sooooo thin. Make me jealous a lil' bit, huhuhuhu. At Ayong's, we had our lunch. Then, from Tehel, we went to Nyalas where our former Chemistry teacher, Puan Sharimah lived. Around 4 pm, we went back to Ayer Merbau to sent Koe back since his friends are here. We planned to raya at Sobree after that, but since he just came back from KL, we went there after Maghrib. So, to kill some time, me and yus went to JJ. Today, I 'potong Q' a car, hehehehe. Yus said that the driver is mad at me, hehehehe. After Maghrib, went to Sobree's place. What a shock to see him getting soooo chubby, hehehehehe. Just know that he had an accident last April. Poor sob, huhuhu. Then, went to Serkam back to beraya at 'kembau' place. Around 10.20 pm, sent yus back and went back home, tired and fatigue. Well, that's all for today. Until then..........

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2-day posts....

Salam to all. Ramadhan has finally closed its curtain, and time for Syawal to appear on stage! So, SELAMAT HARI RAYA TO ALL!!!! Here, I would put on about the latest me in Malaysia.....

Happy raya to all. Landed on KLIA by 0930. After the long and unforgettable journey back to Malaysia (I took Singapore Airline, so have to transit at Singapore first), I was soo excited to see some faces of Malaysian. Picked up by my brother and sister. We went back home first, then to the graveyard, followed by to the kampung. Meeting the rest of the family make my heart warmth. Honestly, at every house I ate a lot!! Ketupat, rendang, soto, kuih muih etc make my stomach really at its maximum stretch, hahahahahaha. From one house to another, we finally went back home aroungd 5.30 pm. Since no one come tonight, I take my chance to get some rest and prepare for tomorrow. Well, that's all. Until then.......

It's 2nd day of Raya in Malaysia! Today my father's side will be coming to our house. So, my father has prepared for them mee bandung, ketupat, rendang, etc. Meanwhile, I going out to Marzuki's place since he will be going back to Kuala Lumpur this evening, followed by Terengganu on flight by tomorrow. At his place, since Marzuki can't raya to any house at Melaka, so, I offer myself to raya with him. We only managed to go to cikgu sazali's, Radhi's, and Rafidah's houses today. It was fun having raya with Marzuki. It has been a long time since I met him, huhuhuhu. Reaching back home around 4-5 pm, when the guest are just leaving, huhuhuhu. Tonight, me and Arif are going to Mak Sajen's place. She is the one who took care of me since I was young when my parents are working. It was fun meeting her again, huhuhuhu. Went back home, cleaning up the places and went to bed. O yeah, forgot to mention. Angah just came today, I finally get to see my newly born nephew, Amir Muktafi. He is sooo cute!!!!! Well, tomorrow is waiting for us again. Don't know what will coming to me. Until then...............

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Journal Ramadhan 28

Salam. It's 28th Ramadhan here in Bangalore. The weather is so soothing and refreshing, and also so silence. Yes, I'm alone today, again. But, tonight I'll be on my way back to Malaysia! So, by tomorrow I will not feel so lonely anymore. Today, I just cleaning up the house, drying the laundry, and claiming my balance money of the ticket from Mr. Afzal. Then, I hanged out at Kak Lin's new house. It was nice and comfy. Then, I went back home, packed up my things, and leave the house at 6.00 pm. Upon my arrival at the airport, I checked in, and wait for bording. For berbuka, I had something at Coffee Day. Well, that's all for today.....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Journal Ramadhan 27

Salan. It's 27th Ramadhan here in Bangalore. I skipped my sahur today because I woke up late, around 6.00 am. Today, I'm all alone in my house since my housemate has went to Egypt last night. Today, I didn't do much, just foing the laundry, studying and watching Korean drama, again. Around 2 pm, I decided to go to Imran's house to see them before they leaving for Malaysia tonight. Honestly, I had so much fun talking with Syahir and Imran, huhuhuhuhu. Around 5 pm, I went back home, dropping by at KFC for berbuka. Tonight, all of them had gone back to Malaysia. Many extending their holiday, huhuhuhu. I wish them a happy holiday and Selamat Hari Raya to all. Tomorrow, I'll be the one who's going to leave India. Pray for my journey, since I'm all alone, huhuhuhuhu.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Journal Ramadhan 24, 25 & 26

Salam to all. Due to the ongoing exam, I include three journals here.

Journal Ramadhan 24
It was 24th Ramadhan here in Bangalore, almost near to Eid Fitri! I didn't have any sahur for today. Today, I'll be dealing with microbiology practical exam. I have to recall back the method of Gram's staining since it will be in the exam. I also trying to memorize the applied bacteriology, hopefully that one that I memorized will be in the exam. The result, my Gram staining is good, but I forgot to label the diagram, huhuhu. Regarding my applied bacteriology, I got Klebsiella. Dr. Sneha asked me regarding the drug of choice for UTI, but I blew it up! Need more studying I guess. For berbuka today, I had plain rice + fried egg + sambal belacan. I accidentally fall asleep and my planning for having pizza hut today is ruined. Well, no luck I guess. Well, have to study hard for patho test tomorrow. Wish me luck guys!

Journal Ramadhan 25
It's 25th Ramadhan here in Bangalore. For sahur, I only had a glass of coke and a piece of cheese. Around 5 am, I suddenly throw up, huhuhuhu. Maybe coke and cheese is not a good combination after all, huhuhuhu. As you all know, I'm having my pathology practical exam today. I am so freaking out right now since pathology was the weakest subject of all. I try to stay calm and relax, hoping that the answer will come out easily. The result, I managed to answer 95% of the spotters, and on histopathology, I got infarct spleen :-) Urine analysis was easy, Benedict's test and Rothera test only. Overall, pathology practical test was the best! I'm the first leaving the practical hall, hehehehehe. For berbuka, me and paan had at Relish. Tomorrow I'll be having the final test, pharmacology practical test. Again, pray for my success.

Journal Ramadhan 26
It's 26th Ramadhan here in Bangalore. I sahur only with the remaining portion of coke. Today I'm having the last test, which is pharmacology practical! After this, I'm free!!!! Well, to make it short and simple, I think I manage to do it well, huhuhuhu. Tonight, my housemates will be flying to Egypt for their 2-week vacation! Wishing them a great time there in Egypt! For berbuka, I had McD with Imran. Thanks Imran for treating me this evening :) I think that's all for today. Again, I would like to wish to all IMSian:


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Journal Ramadhan 22 & 23

Salam to all. I will include here two Ramadhan journals....

Journal Ramadhan 22
Salam. This morning I again missed my sahur, huhuhuhu. Today is Sunday, and the only thing that I spent most time in is watching Korean drama. I think I had addicted to it! Tomorrow I'll be starting my practical exam, first with Forensic Medicine. I read a little bit today, maybe continuing by tomorrow. For berbuka, I had again 2 set of 2 piece chicken rice meals and a bucket of KFC! Nothing interesting of what I do at night, except memorizing the age, etc for tomorrow exam. Well, until then.......

Journal Ramadhan 23
Salam. For sahur today, I had a piece of last night KFC and 2 cups of tea, since I'm having stomach ache last night, huhuhuhu. Today I'll be having my forensic practical exam. In short, I can tell you that it was moderately hard, and although I had memorized the age, but still I can recall it completely in the exam, haih~ Not my luck I guess. But, I think that I had done it well, so just wait for the marks after the holiday. Speaking of holiday, I'll be leaving Bangalore on Saturday and will be arrived on Sunday morning. Since this time I'll be on my own, I have to stay alert on everything. Please pray for my safe well journey this weekend. For berbuka, I had it with Imran at Ice Spice. I was interested with the lamb chop and order it. But, the result was dissappointing. The taste for me, was soooo bad. The smell of the lamb, if you know what I mean, is so strong, and when I try to swallowed, I feel like I will vomit at the same time. I, even Imran also, can't finish our meal. So, to my friends, I would not recommend the lamb chop at Ice Spice. Therefore, to repair our damaged taste bud, we went for Baskin Robbins, hehehehehe. At night, I again watch Korean drama, and revising my Microbiology, since it is the next exam. Well, that's all. Until then.............

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Journal Ramadhan 21

Salam to all. It's 21st Ramadhan here in Bangalore. Again, today I missed my sahur, haih. Well, what to do, huhuhuhu. This morning, as stated before, I'll be having my ENT paper at Baptist Hospital. 8.30-9.30 am we have theory paper, followed by 5 spotters. Then, we have our practical exam, which is also in a form of 5-question spotters. Overall I can say that the ENT exam is moderately hard, but I still can managed it, even though my answer is not complete, huhuhuhu. Well, today I just sit back, watch Korean drama, and do nothing. Maybe I start to study for my practical exam by tomorrow, huhuhuhu. Very2 lazy indeed! For berbuka today, I had it at Fresca, along with Tikah and Mimi. Well, that's all for today. Until then my friends.........

PS: Will my 'raya' this year will be as happening and as cheerful as before? :-(

Journal Ramadhan 20

Salam to all. Today is Bangalore 20th Ramadhan. Finally, we have come to the last 10 nights of Ramadhan. Encouraging to all Muslim to frequently do terawikh (talking back to myself, I guess), reciting Al-Quran frequently, and do lots and lots of good deed :) and don't forget to pay zakat fitrah! I missed my sahur today because I woke up late. Today I have no exam and no class. So, I just hang out in my room, watching 'Boys over flower', playing games, etc. Today is 'spending your time' day, hahahahaha. For berbuka, I had first a tablet of 650mg of paracetamol with cold nescaffe. I having headache, maybe of ENT exam tomorrow, huhuhuhuhu. My housemate cooked 'nasi ayam', and they invite few known friends. I only wait them to finish their meal and leave, then I can eat peacefully. Well, that's all for today. Pray for my success in ENT exam tomorrow. Until then.....

Friday, September 11, 2009

Journal Ramadhan 18 & 19

Salam to all. It's 19th Ramadhan here in Bangalore. Since I unable to update my journal Ramadhan yesterday, I'll be including it here:

Journal Ramadhan 18
For today sahur, I only had plain water and pieces of dry dates. Today I had my microbiology test. Honestly, it was hard. I didn't manage to answer one question, regarding monoclonal antibodies. Yup, I didn't pay good attention in immunity class, maybe it is a sign that I need to spend my time more on study, huhuhuhu. Anyway, overall I can do it. For berbuka, Farid and Roy bought 2 pieces chicken rice meal from KFC and extra boneless chicken for me :) Well, that's all I can write. Pathology test is tomorrow. Hope that I can do it, despite there are few chapters which I hadn't read it yet. Pray for me. Until then.....

Journal Ramadhan 19
For today sahur, I cooked prawn fried rice, since I need more energy for pathology test this evening. Yes, among all test, pathology is the hardest because of the 'flowering' language, and lots things to memorize, more worse than pharmacology. To make short, I didn't perform well in pathology paper today. One short essay question I answered it wrongly, and the other two short essays I only managed to answer them averagely :( For me, pathology paper is the worst I answered for this 2nd IA. I promised to myself that I will study more on pathology! So, sorry my dearest lectures for my laziness. For berbuka, I had it with Imran at Beijing. Yup, Imran has recovered from his fever, but the flu is still there. Anyway, since Imran has cured, I treated him today! It was fun to see him again, huhuhu. Well, that's all for today. Until then.....

PS: Hoping that I do not fail in any subject for this 2nd IA.......

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Journal Ramadhan 17

Salam to all. It's 17th Ramadhan here in Bangalore. For sahur, I only ate a piece of cheese and pepsi + mineral water. Today I'll be having my Forensic Medicine test. At a moment, I don't feel that I can do it, but remembering the last will of my sister told by my brother yesterday make me feel that "I must do it! Better do it and succeed/failed later than giving up early" So, I took my chances today and prepare myself for forensic. Honestly, I don't know what to read since my mind is mixed up with lots of things. But, an exam is an exam! Either you pass or fail, is up to (once told by my teacher). Alhamdulillah, I managed to answer most of the question, with one question I did it wrongly, huhuhuhuhu. Tomorrow will be Microbiology, and I must prepare for it too. I still grieving for the lost of my sister, but I will overcome it, at least until the exam is finished. For berbuka, Roy bought chicken biryani from Casino and grilled chicken. Also, I had burger snack that I asked mimi to buy at KFC, hehehehehe. That's all for today. Please pray for my success here. Until then.......

Journal Ramadhan 16

Salam to all. It's 16th Ramadhan here in Bangalore. The weather is so cold today. Today I'll be having my first paper, which is pharmacology. I didn't have a decent sahur this morning because I have no time to. Only drank 2 cups of cold tea, that's all. My paper start at 2.00 pm India time. All morning at library I struggle to revise and memorize the name of the drugs, regimes, everything! It's hard, but it feels good. The paper was ok-ok la. I managed to answer large portion of it, only small parts I left out because for some reason I suddenly forgot about it, hehehehehe. Anyway, praying that tomorrow paper, which is forensic medicine will be better. For berbuka, I had McD only. Well, that's all for today. Until then........


~21/8/1974 - 7/9/2009~

PS: Life is not fair..............

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Journal Ramadhan 15

Salam to all. It is 15th Ramadhan here in Bangalore. Oh my, it's already half of Ramadhan, meaning that Eid Fitr is getting near! Anyway, tomorrow I'll be having my 2nd IA, so that is more important than Eid Fitr. For today sahur, I didn't ate anything, only drink some cold water. My priority for today will be pharmacology since that is the first test for tomorrow. I try to finish everything but seem to me that it is impossible to finish all of them in one day. But, trying is better than doing nothing, right? Again my friends, please pray for my success here! For berbuka, I had 2 set of 2pcs chicken rice meals + regular bucket of hot wings (obviously, it's KFC) Well, that's all for today.

PS: Should I or shouldn't I go to clinical posting this week?? Any comment?


Saturday, September 05, 2009

Journal Ramadhan 14

Salam. It's 14th Ramadhan here in Bangalore. For today's sahur, I just ate last night dishes. Today, around 8.45 am, me and paan went to the Police Commisioner Office to renew our RP. We arrive too early, so there's no one yet that have come. We waited for some of my friends to come, and around 9.30 am, Maro, Izzy, Nabel, Tengku Farah, Diyanah, etc came. We enter the building and on registration, it seem that Izz and Atikah Hassan has already arrive early! After waiting and waiting, our RP has finally been renewed. Around 10.30 am, we went back home and continue studying for the exam! I am in total freaking out-like state because I haven't read completely!!! I don't know how am I are going to face the exam. Please pray for me guys. For berbuka, we had some at Zola's place and went to KFC (me and paan only). Around 7.30 pm, went back home and continue study. Well, that's all for today. Until then................

Journal Ramadhan 13

Salam! Today is 13th Ramadhan here in Bangalore. The weather has become cold again, but still I feel so hot due to the heat of exam! Exam is so near, I hadn't prepare so well. For sahur, I had few pieces of KFC that they bought for my birthday. Supposedly today I'd planned to renew my RP, but due to the death of the CM of AP, they close today. So, I had to make it by tomorrow. One thing is, suppose today we have our ENT posting, unfortunately no one come!!! Really, I'm rather surprise to hear that my batch doesn't come to the posting today. I called Saran after seeing his status on facebook, and he told me that Dr. Manohar called everyone, but none answering it, except for him and sharmini. I don't know if he told Prof. Sudha or not, if he did, another volcano will soon going to be exploded!! Pray for our safety here. For berbuka, Syahir and Yaya treat me with KFC since yesterday was my birthday. Well, that's all for today's event. Until then............

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Journal Ramadhan 12

Salam to all. It's 12th Ramadhan here in Bangalore. The weather is sooo cold that it can induce sleep forever, huhuhuhu. For sahur, I ate the remnant of last night dishes that they cooked. Today would be the final day for me to see Sudha. To make it short and simple, finally Sudha signed my letters and my bonafide. I don't know what she wrote on my letter, but as long as she sign and approved, it doesn't matter for. For that, let me think it in the future. Now I had the document, tomorrow me and several others will go to the police commissioner, hoping that our RP can be renewed ASAP. After all of this is finish, then I can really put myself into studying for the 2nd IA next week. Regarding my IA, I wish my colleagues "GOOD LUCK!!!!" and may we get good result in the exam! Please pray for me here, dear beloved friends and family.....Well, for berbuka, I had some at zola house and pizza with munira and baya. Thanking you again munira and baya for treating me this evening. Also, thanks to diyanah for the lovely cake. It was fantastic! Until then........

"FINALLY, I'M 21!!"

Journal Ramadhan 11

Salam. It's 11th ramadhan here in Bangalore. Today's sahur I'm having it at zola's house. Second time I woke up late for sahur, but still I managed to pull it off. Btw, today was a stressfull, frustrating, emotional day! That 'old woman' did it again! So sudden, she said that people who moved out without the consent of the college, must request it from the dean, which is now in Malaysia! The dean has approved some of my friends, but me and others are still hanging on the air. We waited until evening, in case the dean reply the second email, but he didn't. It was soo tense here in IMS, with the 'old woman' shouting, etc. I hope that the dean will reply the email ASAP!!! I desperately need to renew my RP, since it end on 14/9/2009! Many of friend's RP terminate on October, and that's add to my stress level! Praying to Allah that tomorrow will be my lucky day. For berbuka, I had McD only. Well, that's all. Until then.......


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Journal Ramadhan 10

Salam to all. It's 10th Ramadhan here in Bangalore. Finally, the first ten has finally over! For sahur, I ate last night nasi ayam. Few hours after sahur, I started to vomit in the bathroom. I don't know why, but it just came. Then, I started to feel nausea, but no vomit after that. Both of ears suddenly block. Then, I know that the impacted wax has started to get worse. So, I decided to get syringe treatment at Ramaiah Hospital. I asked Munira to accompany me, and thanks God she willing to. Thanks Munira! After registration, went to ENT OPD and waiting for my turn. When my turn came, the doctor check and begin the procedure. It is quite painful, but not that painful. After the syringe, I immediately can ear everything very LOUD! OMG, for months my hearing is deficient, now it came back normal! Thank you to the doctor, although he is not quite friendly as Dr. Badri of Baptist Hospital, huhuhuhuhu. Everything around me is very loud, and for sometime I can't even bear it. I got headache due to this hyperacusis condition, and take a nap after coming back home. Even after a nap, it still not relieve. Well, hoping that it will be relieved soon. Well, for berbuka, Dzola cooked something nice, and I only ate a plate since I have promised with tikah and mimi to eat at Fresca after Maghrib. Well, that's all for today. Until then.....


Journal Ramadhan 9

Salam. It is 9th Ramadhan here in Bangalore. Today is holiday because of Malaysia Independence Day, so HAPPY 52th INDEPENDENCE DAY MALAYSIA!!! For today sahur, I ate the last two days KFC. Since today is holiday, I try to spend my time for studying but seem that my laziness takes over me and I only study so little. Exam is next week but still my conscience still has not changed. O yeah, today I bought myself ticket to Malaysia via Singapore Airline. Yup, instead of going to Egypt, I am going back to Malaysia on the night of 19th Sept and will be arriving on 20th Sept (1st day of Syawal). My father said that he does not have any problem me going back this year, and said that he prefer for me to come home rather than going to Egypt (emmmm, I wonder why). Well, for berbuka, farid cooked nasi ayam. And for my moreh, I ate McD that just opened its 15th branch here in BEL Road :) Well, that is all for today. Hope that tomorrow will be the best!