Sunday, April 26, 2009

My daily activity....

Salam to all. Some of you may wonder what I'm doing here almost everyday. Well, basically, other than go to classes, usually I confine myself at home, and mostly I would surf the net. Here are some absolute website that I always visit!

Utusan Malaysia, let me know what happen there.

Facebook, keeping up with my friends.

My blog, to check any comment.

Friendster, same as facebook.

YouTube, check out any interesting videos.

Dattebayo, to download my weekly anime, the bleach!

YM, to communicate with my friends and family. Usage depend to my buziness, huhuhu.

Other thank surfing the net, I usually go to the park within my apartment complex, almost every night I say. There, i can easily ease my mind and can relax my mind a lil' bit. I think that's all what I usually do every day. No so much, but really want to share with you all about it! Until then.....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Greatest woman in my life....

I had shared with you about my father, today I would like to share with all of you about the greatest woman in my life, my heart and my soul, my mother.

She was born in Kota Lama Kiri, Kuala Kangsar, Perak on September 18th, 1949. Really don't know much about her childhood life, except that she was taken care off by her grandmother. As far as I know, she was schooled in on of the secondary school in Kuala Kangsar which I have forgotten its name. She went to Maktab Perguruan Temenggong Ibrahim, Johor Bahru where she met my father. She was an active student in Maktab, as my father has told me before. Later, she married to my father and conceived me and my siblings. As my father, she taught at Pahang once, before moving in to Melaka with my father. She has become a science and also mathematics teacher in SMK Tun Perak (STP) in Jasin, where me and my brother Arif became its student later. She is a kind and dedicated teacher, and all the students and her colleagues admire her. She has been a teacher in STP for almost 16 years, before she fully retired at 2004. Her retirement was celebrated eventfully! She is the most loving human being I had ever seen in my life. She was kind to animal as well, always 'talk' to the bird whenever the bird chirpping, the cat, and even the ants! Sometime I feel that her habit is somewhere irrational. Of course, who speak to animal which doesn't speak our tongue? hahahaha, but that's her, my mother. She also has the habits of keeping junks (eg: old clothes, boxes, etc) in the house. My father always ask her, "nak buat apa la semua ni??" and she will simply reply "nnt ada la gunanya." She went through a simple and humble life. She rarely buy new things for herself, and kept it for her children and husband. Her sacrifice was great and totally undeniable. We have seen her through lots of problems, and yet she still managed to feed our desire. Never in my life have I seen her raised her voice towards us. But now, all hopes have faded. She passed away at February 9th, 2005, on the night of 1st Muharram 1426H. Her lost is like a shining star which disappeared from the dark sky. We will never forget her looks, her kindness, her voice and her undefinite love. May her soul be rest in peace, and with Allah blessing. Until we meet again, my dear mother, Hjh Khadijah binti Hashim.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Greatest man in my life......

I would like to share with you all about a great man in my life.

He was born in Batu Gajah, Merlimau, Melaka on September 1st, 1947. I don't know much about his childhood life, but I sure it was hard and great. As far as I know, he study in Melaka high School, went to Maktab Perguruan Temenggong Ibrahim, Johor Baharu, where there he met and married a woman by name Khadijah binti Hashim. After married, he further his study at Universiti Putra Malaysia (formerly known as Universiti Pertanian Malaysia) and manage to have degree in counselling if I wasn't mistake. Before he went to UPM, he was a teacher in Pahang. Then, he was moved to Melaka to teach at Sekolah Iskandar Shah for several years. At this time he went to UPM. From SIS, he went to teach at Sekolah Menengah Jasin (SMJ) and being promoted as Guru Penolong Kanan Hal Ehwal Pelajar. Later, he has been promoted to become Pen. Pegawai Pendidikan Daerah Jasin and was placed at PPD Jasin, located at that time within the court of Sekolah Kebangsaan Jasin (SKJ). Few years after that, he was again promoted to Jabatan Pelajaran Melaka (formerly known as Jabatan Pendidikan Melaka) as Ketua Unit Hal Ehwal Pencegahan Dadah. At 2003, he finally retired completely from goverment service. Later, he taken a job as a counsellor at Jabatan Agama Islam Melaka (JAIM) for about a year contract. After the lost of his wife at February 2005, he married to another woman by name Pn. Jamilah binti Konel around December 2005. Now, he is 62 years old and although he's having DM type II, but his body and his will are still strong. I respect him with all my life. This man is known by name Hj. Parman bin Sadikin, my beloved father.........

My father with my step mother during Eid 2008


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day 2009!!!

Salam to all. When I was passing by the SRS garden this morning, an Indian boy wish me "Happy Earth Day!" I was thinking, "Earth Day? ada ke hari bumi??" I make some 'wiki'ing and it seem it is there!

"Earth Day, celebrated April 22, is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries every year. This date is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere." from

U.S Senator Gaylord Nelson

So, I just want to say to all my friends, HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Move out!

Salam to all. All of you are familiar with the term 'move out'. You say it when you are going to move from one house to another, or when you are going to stay in another country, etc. You move out because of certain reasons:

  1. You don't like anymore of the present house.
  2. You are totally annoyed with the neighbourhood.
  3. You are not satisfied with the rent anymore/can't afford to pay it anymore
  4. You are fed up with your housemates
  5. You want to be free and have your own room, etc.
  6. You want to change your lifestyle/environment
  7. Because moving out is a fun hobby (huhuhuhu)
Sometime, when I see people moving, I feel happy for them, and at the same time I feel so sad. This is because that seeing or knowing people moving out make me kinda remind of my worst painful, sad experience. I know it is not my business to interrupt with their life. They deserve a better life, at least better than me. But, it can't be helped. When people said "Wei, aku nak pindah, rumah dah ada, bla..bla..bla", I feel so said as, there is a knife stabbing at my heart. I always exaggerate about the matter discussed. I always try my best to hide my real feeling and support them on their decission. Well, I don't know what to say anymore. Just wishing my friends who are going to move out a happy life and smile always!


Monday, April 13, 2009

1st IA for 2nd year....


13/4/2009 = PATHOLOGY ~settle~
14/4/2009 = MICROBIOLOGY ~settle~
15/4/2009 = FORENSIC MEDICINE ~settle~
16/4/2009 = PHARMACOLOGY ~settle~


20/4/2009 = PHARMACOLOGY ~settle~
24/4/2009 = PATHOLOGY ~settle~

~Forensic + microb, no practical because we haven't started them yet~

~13/4/2009 = I manage to answer all the questions in patho, but don't know whether my answers are right or wrong, huhuhuhuhu~

~14/4/2009 = I suck at answering microb today, DAMN!!! So many careless mistakes. I hate this feeling!~

~15/4/2009 = Alhamdulillah, everything works fine. Hoping to get good mark in forensic :)~

~16/4/2009 = Emmm, don't know what to say. Hopefully I can get pass, huhuhuhu

~20/4/2009 = All went up well :)~

~24/4/2009 = Patho practical, although I heard soo much rumor about it, but everything goes smoothly. The spotters are damn hard!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A journal of my holiday activities......

Salam to all! The holiday has finally over, and I just want to share with everyone what am I being doing in this holiday.

Tomorrow is holiday. I went to my lecture classes this evening, accompanied Diyanah to Coffee Day and Lee, went back home and hang out at D-12 to be with Syahir before he leaving to Manipal. At about 2330, I sent off Syahir, Yaya, Kak Nik, Hila, Bao, Waheeda and Diyanah to Manipal. So sad, huhuhuhuhu.

First day of holiday. Nothing much to do, just watching House series and going out with Imran to MG road to upgrade my RAM. Eating KFC and bumped with Shazwan at MG. At night, I sent Mekna, Shazwan, and Mai off to the airport, hanging around D-12 before that and continue watching House until I sleep......

Second day of holiday. Same as before, nothing much to do. Woke up at around 0730 (Subuh gajah lagi), watching house for few hours, then Paan came, take a bath, breakfast with meggi while watching house again, study microb for few hours before falling back to sleep at 1130! Wake up 4 hours after that. Lunch with 'tom yam' porridge and again watching house until 1815. Take a bath, and order dinner from biryani hut and went out to CS with paan and stumbled with rohaizat. Again, watching house, do some crazy things with rohaizat (I mean watching Tomok and Newboyz at youtube), singing like crazy and finish at 2340. Then, I continues watching House, with rohaizat until 0118.

Third day of holiday. Rohaizat woke me up at 0605 (subuh gajah lagi). Rohaizat when back at around 0630. Again, I'm continuing to watch House for few hours, then before I took my bath, I clean up my room (usual routine) and cooked 'nasi lemak' for breakfast, again. After breakfast, I decided to read pharmac text book. I only managed to do it for only about 1 1/2 hours. Then, I watch again house while eating 'nasi lemak' for lunch. Later in the evening, when I decided to hang out at D-12, suddenly paan gave this idea to spent a night at rohaizat's house. I was totally agreed with his idea and pack my stuffs. Reaching rohaizat house, after maghrib's pray, we went out to have our dinner at Relish. It's been a while since I ate at Relish. Then, on the way back we stop at Polar Bears (it is an ice cream shop) to buy butterscotch and belgium chocolate ice creams. On the way back we stumbled lots of juniors coupling at baskin robbin, haih~ At home, paan and rohaizat play ps2 while me watching youtube. Before that, we have a little talk about women (well, it is a guy night :) ) I went to sleep around 2315++. poor rohaizat he has to sleep below since me and paan have already conquered his bed (sorry roy). Nitey nite.....

Fourth day of holiday. Woke up around 0538, thanks to paan. After Subuh pray, rohaizat prepare for us a simple breakfast (parotha instant and tea). It was nice, but it definitely not enough for my stomach, huhuhuhuhuhu. After taking bath, around 0820 me and paan leaved rohaizat's house for the library. We asked rohaizat to join us but he want to stay back, in case Adam come back home. We went off to the library and study until 1115 when I can no longer tolerate the pain in my stomach, which is the hunger pain. therefore me and paan decided to have our lunch at Ice and Spice (well, it was actually my call since paan never eat there before). Both of us oder TOF burger, + drinks. With our belly full, went back to the college, pray, and continue study. Around 1515, dr, sujatha came into the computer room, and was surprised that we are still here. She told to go to the class for case studies of IHD. I thought that was a 'misprinting' on the schedule, but it wasn't. Me and paan went upstair (asked farisya, imran and mus, but they didn't want to go). Enter the classroom, found out 3 other student were there (lateral entry). We gone through all the case studies, and the discussion was actually fun, with jokes that paan made and with the laughter from dr. bharathi and dr. usha. End up around 1615. We were told that the class will be our last tutorial class, huhuhuhuhu. Went back home, doing usual routine, and went to bed around 2330.

Fifth day of holiday. Can't sleep well because the weather was too hot. Woke up first at 0230, then went back to sleep around 0300 and fully woke up at around 0530. Not going to the library today, decided to study patho at home. I only breakfast cornflakes and tea. Not enough off that, I asked Imran to treat me breakfast at Day Fresh, hehehehehehe. Oh, before that I went to his house and see syahir who just came back from Manipal. Seeing him too tired, I leaved the house to allow him to rest. After breakfast with Imran, I began tu study patho until 1130. My lunch for today just tiger biscuit and 100plus. After Zuhur, study for a little bit before I went to take a nap. Got up 3 hours later (so much for a 'nap', hehehehe). Surfing the internet for a while, and then decided to take a bath. Before I managed to do so, Syahir came to my house. Seeing me in a bath-taking mode, he said that he will come back later. After refreshing myself, I cooked some prawn fried rice for my dinner, ate it while watching house. Syahir came back around 1945 to get installer for microsoft office 2007 from Naim. After study for while, I decided to spent a night at Syahir house. Study there and go to bed around 2245.

(NOTE: I could not get a good night sleep there because it is damn itchy sleeping on Anas's bed. Switching to Zul's bed, much better)

Sixth day of holiday. Woke up at Syahir's house at 0430. Went back to my house around 0500. Until 0730, I watched House. Then I made some breakfast, which is pancake + peanutbutter + black cherries jam. After taking my bath, I continue studying patho. Around 1115, I went to D-12 to see paan and syahir. Then, we decided to eat at Day Fresh. Me and paan ate meggi, while syahir ate bread omelette. After about 1 hour of eating, I went back to my house, watching House and further continue my reading. Aorund 1315, I went back to D-12 to retrieve my lunch. I bring it back home, ate it while watching House. Half an hour after that, I passed out for about 3 hours. Woke up around 1700, I started taking my bath, and prepare for Maghrib. My dinner was only black pepper sosage with ketchup, hehehehehe. Then, I pushed myself to read patho until 2125. Went to bed at 2135.

Seventh day of holiday. Today I woke up at 0215! I indulged myself a jug of coffee, and motivate myself to read patho. While I read it, I allowed myself to hear Around 0645, I took my bath, do the usual routine, and went to syahir's house to borrow him my Kaspersky. Surprisingly, the door is not locked properly, so dangerous! Then, I went to ATM to check whether my allowance has been bank in or not, and unfortunately not yet. Then, stop by at Day Fresh to have my breakfast + having some chat with dzola and vijay. Around 0845, I went back to D-12 because syahir complain that he can't install Kaspersky. I don't know what seem to be the problem, so I download free antivira and install in his computer in replaced with Kaspersky. Mission done! Went back to my lovely home, begin to study back patho until 1145. I cooked some egg with baked beans and ate it with rice for my lunch. Then, watch some House, and then back on the book until 1515. I went to D-12, have some nap there and went back around 1700. 1715, me and paan went to samsung to buy rohaizat his ISD top up. After that, went to Basyir's to buy some samosa and watermelon juice. Around 1800, I asked paan to 'warm up' shazwan's bike which has been static for almost a week! Then, I went back home, do the usual routine and went back to D-12. I sleep there tonight. I continue to study patho, ate my dinner (quite late, well last decision to be made, huhuhuhu) and went to sleep around 2355.

Eighth day of holiday. I woke up at 0555. Immediately wake up syahir. Went back to my house at 0600, do the usual routine and study patho for about 20 mins until I asked syahir for breakfast at Day Fresh. Spent tthere for about 30 mins. Then, went back home, continue reading patho and sleep around 1115. Woke up 4 1/2 hours later! I know, I missed Jumaat pray. My bad. Have my lunch with megi, then went back to study. At 1700, I went to syahir's house to help izz to pump her bicycle. Then, I went back home, do the usual routine and just before I went to pray, paan call asking to come to his house because the pizza guy doesn't have change (yes, we have our dinner with pizza, but I only ate the chicken wings that I order individually). Went back home, ate my chicken wings while watching House, then study patho for few minutes, then watching House again. Go to bed at 2315.

Ninth day of holiday. Woke up at 0500. After Subuh and recite Quran, I go through Utusan while listening to + blogging. Then, I do the usual routine, mopping the floor, etc. I had my breakfast with homemade egg fried rice. I went through microb today, reading niesseria etc. Then, around 1230, I had my lunch with bread + peanut butter. Oh, forgot to mention that izwan is here, studying! He said that his house was to noisy, so he came here to study. Back to me, after lunch, I pray, then few minutes later, I decided to take a nap. Around 1515, I woke up. I study for a little bit, then I watch House. Then, I got sms from husna. She invite me and paan to come to her house for dinner. Her parents have been here for almost a week, so today her mother cook something nice, hehehehehe. So, at 1800, me and paan arrived at her house in Raghuram. Also there were Diyanah, Fatin, and Hila. We spent there about 1/2 an hour. Around 1835, we came back home, pray and continue studying. Boring staying alone, I went to the park for a while, and then went to D-12. I stayed at D-12 for tonight. Chatting withe syahir and paan for a while, and went to bed at around 2330.

Tenth day of holiday. Woke up at 0400. Do the usual routine, I guess. Around 0900 I went back to D-12, and was hoping that Syahir would remember his saying about having breakfast with me at Day Fresh. After waited for about half an hour, it seem that he had forgotten about it. I went back home to have my breakfast, which is bread + peanut butter with tea. With my stomach full, I continue reading microb. Around 1205, my stomach starting growling back. I order biryani hut some mutton fried rice + tandoori chicken half + egg burji. I know, it was weird for me to order MUTTON, but it seem that I'm ready for some change. After lunch, I continue reading back microb, then decided to take a nap around 1515. Woke up at 1815, hehehehehehe. I do the usual routine, eating megi for my dinner, and decided to study forensic. It is quite creepy for me to read forensic at night. So, I went to D-12 to study forensic, hehehehehhe. Went back home around 2145. Within my tiny little room, I open Katzung and continue reading adrenergic system. O yeah, hadi came back! He arrived around 0050. So tired, went to bed at 0110. Hoping tomorrow will be much better.

Eleventh day of holiday. The exam is getting nearer and nearer. Woke up at 0535. Do my usual routine. Having my breakfast with bread + peanut butter + tea. After breakfast, I went to D-12 to study a lil' bit of forensic with paan. At 0830, I went back home to cintinue reading forensic there. Around 1300, I have my lunch, ordered from Biryani Hut, which were egg fried rice + egg burji + mutton pepper fry + mushroom manchurian. After lunch, I take-5 and watched House. Around 1430, I continue back my study. Hang out at D-12 back at 1715. At home, do my usual routine, and I having dinner at Day Fresh with Imran. I ate megi telur + murtabak + french toast (bobo punya, dia tak habis) + 2 cold coffees + 1 fanta + honey dew juice. Back at home, I read forensic for a lil' bit before switching to pharmacology. Feeling sooo tired, went into bed at 2135.

12th day of holiday. Woke up at 0150. Can't get a good night sleep due to the hot weather. Try to read pharmacology, and only managed to do so about 1 hour only. Then, I decided to watch House until 0430. Surfing, praying and finally do my usual routine. Get out around 0705 to have my breakfast at Day Fresh. After that, went to the ATM to withdraw some pocket money, huhuhuhuhu. Went to D-12 to give paan his tea that he ordered (Became paan's chaiwala, hehehehe). then, along with paan, went to my house and getting ready to kick-some-ass mode, huhuhuhuhu. Around 1205, I ordered my lunch from Biryani hut, while paan order his at County. I ordered mutton fried rice + egg burji + mushroom manchurian. After our lunch, we pray, and we continue our study. Around 1600, I felt asleep at the living room, and went to the bed at 1700. Woke up at 1730, pray, and do my usual routine. After Maghrib, went to D-12 to see syahir. At 2005, went back home, having my Isya', and further reading Katzung. Imran buzz me, asking me to go to CS, but instead we went to Day Fresh, hehehehe. Having my dinner with megi + watermelon juice + cold coffee. On the way, drop by at CS to buy something. Went back home, study pharmac until 2300. Went to bed at 2320.

13th day of holiday. Woke up at 0450. Do the usual routine, and get my ass back on the study table at 0645. At 0930, imran asked me to join him breakfast at Day Fresh. I was quite surprised to see him here, since he usually went to the library, huhuhuhuhu. After having breakfast there, I went back home and continue my study until 1215. I ordered Biryani Hut. I ordered mushroom 65 + pepper chicken masala + egg burji. After having lunch and watched huck finn, I continue reading patho until 1500. My eyes was so damn heavy, and I took a nap until 1715. Arose from sleep, I immediately perform Asar, then do my usual routine. Yeah, forgot to say, that's today is dzola birthday!! Happy birthday again dzola! At 1845, I went to D-12 because dzola throwing out his birthday feast at D-12. There are pizzas, and some dinner. I only ate a piece of pizza, nothing more. Went back home, study, went to CS with imran around 2035, continue study and went to sleep around 2230.

14th day of holiday. Woke up around 0230. At 0300, I began to study pharmac until 0500. Subuh, then do my usual routine. Breakfast with bread + peanutbutter + nescafe. Continue to study pharmac at 0800. Around 1230, I'm getting ready to go to Ice & spice with Imran to celebrate Farisya's birthday!! yup, today is her 21st birthday. Went off at 1315, stop at the library first to put our bags, then went off to Ice & Spice with Farisya. Imran is treating us, yeah!! I order pepper chicken steak + choca mocha + peach iced tea + spaghetti cheese balls + mango cheese cake. I don't recall what imran and farisya had, but definitky they taste nice! After fill in our stomach, went to the library. I studied forensic only. Actually, I didn't intend to go to the library, but since Imran decided to stay to watch the junior playing football, I don't want to go back alone. So, I decide to stay and went back together with Farisya. At 1630, me and Farisya went to Barrista for drinks, my treat. Reached home at 1725, quickly pray, and do my usual routine. Went to D-12 after maghrib to see paan. Then, went back home, study forensic until 2300. Oh, about my dinner, only had cream of chicken soup, ordered from Casino with cranberry juice. Hearing, and went to sleep around 2330.

15th day of holiday. Woke up at 0530. Do my usual routine while hearing Around 0830, went to D-12, waking up imran to have breakfast at Day Fresh. Around 1000, went back home, study forensic, and around 1225, I getting ready for Jumaat's prayer. Went to the mosque with paan, and went back home around 1355. Have my lunch with porridge, then after watching house for a while, I'm getting sleepy. Have my nap around 1600 and woke up at 1715. Do my usual routine, and start studying microb immediately after having my dinner, which is hot tea + tiger biscuits. Around 2115, I went to CS tu buy some supply. Went back home, study back, and went to sleep at 2300.

16th day of holiday. Woke up around 0515. Do my usual routine. Have my breakfast this morning with KFC-like chicken. With my stomach full, I immediately reading microb until 1230. At 1245, I went to raghuram to retrieve my 'sambal kering ikan bilis' that was given to atikah hassan by my father. Then, went back home along with shazwan, and having chit chat with him until 1345. My lunch was plain rice + omelette + sambal kering ikan bilis. It was super-duper delicious!!! After lunch, I start to study patho since it will be the first subject in the exam. The evening was soo doom, and only manage to read few pages of it. At 1705, after Asar, I went to D-32 to see atiqah and to retrieve my belacan + she giving me some of her rendang daging. Thanks tiqah! Then, went to K-37 to meet Aishah, taking from her my 3 in 1 nescafe. Went back home, put my stuff, and went to B-23 to see maro!!!! He gave me my chicken maggi, and I went home back, there was already another package, and it is definitely from shazwan. I have my dinner with plain rice + sambal kering ikan bilis + rendang daging. After that, I drag maro to the ATM to withdraw some cash + went to CS. I decided to stay at maaro's house tonight, since paan also was there. We study, chat and continue it until 0115. Went to bed at 0120.

That's it!!! My life during the 2 weeks of so-called holiday. I'm having my exam tomorrow, and I wish that you all will pray for me and my friend's success in the 1st Internal Assessment of our 2nd year. Until then, sayonara!!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Barisan Kabinet Dato' Seri Najib (Kabinet Rakyat)

Salam to all. Below was the new list of the cabinet of Malaysia announced by the Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak yesterday. Either you are a government or opposition supporters, we must always know about this basic information as we are all Malaysians.

PERDANA MENTERI : Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak




1. Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon (Hal Ehwal Perpaduan & Pengurusan Prestasi)

2. Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz (Hal Ehwal Perundangan dan Parlimen)

3. Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop (Unit Perancang Ekonomi)

4. Mejar Jeneral (B) Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom (Hal Ehwal Agama Islam)

Timbalan Menteri:

1. Datuk Liew Vui Keong

2. Datuk Dr. Mashitah Ibrahim

3. Datuk S.K. Devamany

4. Ahmad Maslan

5. T. Murugiah


Menteri: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

Menteri II: Datuk Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah

Timbalan Menteri:

1. Datuk Chor Chee Heung

2. Datuk Dr. Awang Adek Hussin


Menteri: Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

Timbalan Menteri:

1. Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong

2. Dr. Mohd Puad Zarkashi


Menteri: Datuk Ong Tee Keat

Timbalan Menteri:

1. Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri

2. Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew


Menteri: Tan Sri Bernard Dompok

Timbalan Menteri: Datuk Hamzah Zainudin


Menteri: Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein

Timbalan Menteri:

1. Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop

2. Jelaing anak Mersat


Menteri: Datuk Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim

Timbalan Menteri:

1. Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum

2. Senator Heng Seai Kie


Menteri: Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui

Timbalan Menteri: Noriah Kasnon


Menteri: Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal

Timbalan Menteri:

1. Datuk Hassan Malek

2. Datuk Joseph Entulu anak Belaun


Menteri: Datuk Seri Mohd Khaled Nordin

Timbalan Menteri:

1. Datuk Dr. Hou Kok Chung

2. Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah


Menteri: Datuk Mustapa Mohamed

Timbalan Menteri:

1. Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir

2. Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan


Menteri: Datuk Dr. Maximus Ongkili

Timbalan Menteri: Fadillah Yusof


Menteri: Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas

Timbalan Menteri: Tan Sri Joseph Kurup


Menteri: Datuk Ng Yen Yen

Timbalan Menteri: Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib


Menteri: Datuk Noh Omar

Timbalan Menteri:

1. Datuk Johari Baharum

2. Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim


Menteri: Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

Timbalan Menteri: Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad


Menteri: Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor

Timbalan Menteri: Datuk Yong Khoon Seng


Menteri: Datuk Liow Tiong Lai

Timbalan Menteri: Datuk Rosnah Rashid Shirlin


Menteri: Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek

Timbalan Menteri:

1. Datuk Razali Ibrahim

2. Wee Jeck Seng


Menteri: Datuk Dr S.Subramaniam

Timbalan: Datuk Maznah Mazlan


Menteri: Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob

Timbalan Menteri: Datuk Tan Lian Hoe


Menteri: Datuk Kong Cho Ha

Timbalan Menteri: Datuk Lajim Ukin


Menteri: Datuk Seri Sharizat Jalil

Timbalan Menteri: Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun


Menteri: Datuk Anifah Aman

Timbalan Menteri:

1. A. Kohilan Pillay

2. Datuk Lee Chee Leong


Menteri: Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin

Timbalan Menteri: Datuk M. Saravanan

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Birthday Celeb in April!

Salam to all. I want to wish these people:


My beloved nephew, Amir Muntasyer bin Mohd. Hidris. 4 years old this year :)

Laila Farisya binti Mohd. Shah. 21 years old today!!

Dzulhelmi bin Mohd. Zin. Became 22 years old yesterday!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Tagged by Munira :)

~Faiz besar (masa sekolah rendah dulu)

~ 3/9 - my big day :)
~ 9/2 - the day of my lost :(
~ 31/8 - merdeka!!!
~ 18/9 - her birthday.....

~Listening to
~Reading Utusan Malaysia

~ Eat
~ Eat
~ Eat
~ Eat

~ My mother
~ My teachers
~ My school mates
~ Myself

~ A huge garfield
~ New handphone
~ Lunch @ dinner at any steak restaurants
~ A friend who I can really trust

~ Playing games
~ Sleep
~ Studying
~ Hang out alone in the park at night

~ Morocco
~ Japan
~ Borneo
~ Egypt

~ 100+
~ Iced Horlick
~ Tea (kind of remembering her)
~ Juices

~ Books
~ iPod
~ Pencil case
~ Mineral water

~ Black
~ Blue black
~ Green
~ Brown

~ Barrista
~ Coffee Day
~ My house
~ SRS park

~ My parents and my family
~ My friends
~ My teachers
~ Myself

~ Her picture
~ My sanity
~ My life
~ Friendship and trust

~ Bobo
~ Ira
~ Marzuki
~ Koe

~ Because Mun tagged me
~ To assess myself
~ Just fill in my day
~ That's all

Friday, April 03, 2009