Thursday, January 29, 2009

OBG practical test....

Salam to all. Today, I'm having OBG (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) practical test. Our practical test involve only history taking. So, around 8.30am, groups have been divided and went off to take history taking in different patient. Me, noni, fareed, awien, and yaya are in the same group. We took the history at the OPD. End up well, we went back to the class and discuss about the history of the patient. Around 9.30am, here comes two doctors, one Dr. Rani and the other I don't know her name, even she always took our 8am classes, huhuhuhu. Let me call her Dr. A. Two large groups were being divided, one with Dr. Rani, other with Dr. A. I'm to be the first to be examined by Dr. A. I was so freaking out when I know I'm gonna' be the first in my group. I followed her to the OPD. I present my case to her. Reaching the "History of presenting pregnancy", after I've explained the 1st trimester, she said "you should state at what week she come." So, I said "Oh, she come at 38 weeks and 2 days." Then, when I was going to explain the 2nd trimester, she ask "that's all in 1st trimester??" I said "Yes, this is what the patient said." Then she said again "So many thing I tought you, is that all? What about folate intake?" I reply "Yes, she taking folate, calcium and iron pills, but I put it in drug history." She said "No, no. You should put in along with the HOPP." I just say "Ok mam." Then, she request to see my note book. I showed her and she comment many things about my handwriting, and the way I wrote. Then she said "If I've to give mark to your report, I will give it 0." I was feeling down and further she said "Your presentation is bad. What's your name?" After saying my name, I proceed back, finishing my report. Then, she began to ask me sooooo many questions, and luckily I managed to answer many of them, phew. Before I went out, she said again "I still think your presentation is bad." Well, I don't know what to say other than thank you. Seriously, I feel so bad about my test and my performance today. About the other group, they said that they are not allowed to bring with them their note book to avoid bias. When I asked them how the perform, they say that Dr. Rani asked many questions, but she is nice! I heard that many among that group got high score. It make me feel more 'down'. If she said my performance is bad, obviously my mark will be worsed! Hmmmmmmm. Well, I think that's all I can said about my test. I'm hoping not to think about it again, and again. I want to focus on my theory exam this coming Saturday. Hoping that it will be much better.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Damn these sore throat!!

Salam to all. These past few days I've been having a mild cold and sore throat. My voice has become course and soooo "matured", hahahahahahaha. It is very inconvenience for me to be having this sore throat because it disrupted my normal voice, and it is hard to breathe with this throat pain. I hope that it will go away, at least before OBG test that I'll be having on 29th and 31th of January. Wish me luck guys on this exam, and pray for my health as well.

~Depending on Strepsils, again and again~

Friday, January 23, 2009

Warkah Terakhir Buat Sahabat.

"Sudah beberapa tahun kita berkawan. Selama ini tidak pernah terlintas di fikiranku untuk menulis ini buat mu, sahabat. Dalam persahabatan kita, ada pahit manis yang kita telah pun alami, tapi tidak ku sangka peristiwa itu benar2 memberi kesan di dalam persahabatan kita bersama.

Masihkah kau ingat, kali pertama aku bertemu dengan kau, aku cukup takut untuk mengenali mu, mungkin kerana penampilan engkau yang agak "gangster" bagi ku. Walaupun kau peramah dengan semua orang, tapi aku masih lagi takut untuk menegur mu, untuk mengenali mu. Tapi, pada hari itu, tidak ku sangka kau secara tiba2 menegurku dari belakang. Hati ku gentar apabila suaramu memanggil nama ku. Bermula pada hari itulah aku beriltizam untuk mengenali mu dengan lebih lanjut.

Alhamdulillah, mungkin Allah mendengar suara hatiku ini, lantas menjodohkan kita untuk belajair di universiti yang sama, di dalam bidang yang sama. Hatiku girang tidak terhingga apabila melihat kau bersama-sama denganku, untuk mengharungi cabaran selama 5 1/2 tahun di bumi orang. Kau telah banyak membantuku, bukan sahaja aku, malah rakan2 kita yang lain. Seperti biasa, personaliti mu menarik minat ramai orang, termasuklah para pensyarah. Aku berasa gembira dan tenang pabila melihat kau gembira.

Namun, aku rasa itu semua hanyalah kegembiraan sementara yang mampu aku kecapi. Walaupun engkau mempunya hati yang nurani, namun tindak-tanduk mu yang terlalu kasar tidak dapat aku terima. Aku tak kisah apa sahaja panggilan yang kau bagi pada aku, tapi pada hari itu, cara engkau yang kasar, yang pada pandangan mata ku ini tidak dapat aku terima. Engkau sepatutnya lebih memahami aku lebih daripada orang lain. Telah banyak masalah aku engkau selesaikan, telah banyak masalah aku engkau kongsi bersama. Sepatutnya, kau adalah manusia di sini yang sepatutnya memahami hatiku ini. Aku akui niatmu adalah baik. Aku tahu yang engkau risau terhadap diriku ini, yang sentiasa memakan diri sendiri. Tapi, aku masih lagi tidak mampu menerima cara engkau untuk menolongku. Engkau telah memalukan aku depan ramai orang pada hari itu, dan agak sukar bagiku untuk menerima hakikat tersebut.

Wahai sahabat! Walaupun peristiwa itu telah hampir 2 bulan berlalu, tapi masih lagi segar di fikiranku. Walaubagaimanapun, aku ingin meminta maaf dari mu sekiranya sikap ku yang terlalu 'emotional'. Implikasi peristiwa itu telah memakan diriku. Oleh itu, ku tulis warkah ini untuk mu sahabat, hanya untuk memberitahu perasaan ku terhadap mu. Engkaulah antara sahabat sejati yang aku miliki, dan aku tak sanggup untuk mengalami kehilanganmu. Aku tidak tahu bilakah masanya aku akan pergi. Tapi sebelum perkara itu berlaku, maafkan daku........"

PS : Warkah di atas tiada kena mengena dengan hidup, mahupun yang sudah meninggal dunia.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Going to National Market

Salam to all! Yesterday, me, syahir and zul went to National Market. I don't quite sure where it is located, but according to syahir it is quite near to MG Road. We went there about 2.15pm. Pity to zul and syahir because they haven't got any lunch yet, while me has devoured 2 packs of maggi before going there, hehehehehehehe. Forget about that, we reached there approximately 2.45pm. It didn't quite as I expected before (forgot to tell, this is the first time me and zul reached National Market) but it was nice actually. Rumor about the heavenly price for many techo gadgets is undeniable! I can't believe that they sold any "original" gadgets, like handphone, iPhone, iPod, digital camera etc with a very cheap price. I ask syahir do they get benefit by selling these items with low price? Syahir said that maybe they are competing to each other who can finish the stock fast, huhuhuhuhuhu. Anyway, we spend about 2 1/2 hours there. I bought for myself a speaker, an earphone for my iPod, an extension, and a plug-in charger for iPod, all for approximately about Rps 1300 (RM 96 - conversion rate INR 1 = RM 0.074). My desire to buy that sneaky, charming, good looking new Nokia Express Music 5800 have to hold on because the price is still high, which is Rps 20,000. I bet the price of it in any Nokia stores must be above it. I sms munira about the price of it, she replied, "Haha.Boikot Israel." It seem (I don't know) that Nokia also involve in giving their profit to Israel. Damned Israel!!! Therefore, I intend to stop gazing at nokia until this is over. Back to the main story, Syahir bought a new laptop charger and repair the previous charger (very handy this National Market for having a technician). Zul, which is supposed to buy a new hp come back with nothing, maybe because he doesn't interest with the hp or maybe he want to consider deeply, hehehehehehehe. It is very handy to bring syahir as he is a very best buyer, always bargain for a low price, huhuhuhuhuhuhu. If it is me, I will accept the price given by the seller, not bargain for it. 4.30pm, we went back home, tired and hungry. Quite a fun journey, and definitely a journey of testing your faith (Iman) by looking that spectacular prices! Until then, adios amigos!


Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm disturb.....

Salam to all. There is nothing in this world that I can compare with my feeling. These few weeks, I've been having some sort of emotional disturbances (I'm not yet crazy, ok!). Many time I always think and feel something which are sometime unrelated to me. Being left alone, my mental have reach to its limit. I always wonder what it is like to be dead, what it is dead, and many negative thinking. I can't help it! It just passing through my cerebral cortex. I also sometime feel myself worthless, or sometime feel that I'm nothing but scumbag. Even though I've tried to get rid of them, but it still haunted me. Being a lone ranger isn't that good you know. It has the ability to make you sad, pathetic, and worse, empty! Emptiness can only be filled by someone by your side, or at least will be there for you. I don't know what is happening, but it definitely make me worse. Hope this will go away forever.

PS: Not attending class today, not sick, just need to "reconstitute" myself back!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Holiday end.......Tomorrow the start of a new day!

Salam to all. Finally, the two weeks holiday has finally come to its end. I know many among us will be very sad because the class will start by tomorrow, but "some" of us will be so much happy and can't wait for the class to begin. So, today I just want to summarize my 2 weeks holiday here, in Bangalore:

28th/12 - 3rd/1 = Staying in the house, reading books and sometime playing games

4th/1 = This night I went to BBQ Nation, along with munira, tiqah hamdan, naim, and hajar :-)

5th/1 = First time went to Forum Mall with Shazwan. Bought myself an iPod, a new beg and some novels and games

9th/1 = Having BBQ on the rooftop, with munira, naim, afiq nazri, and tqah hamdan + nonie and ira

6th/1 - 11th/1 = Just stayed in the house, socialize with my friends, and finishing my record books, ahaks!

Well, that's all I can tell you about my holidays. I know it is not so much, but it should do it. The next coming holiday, which at the end of March, me have plan with some friends to go visit Kerala. Hopefully this visit will become a reality.

Remember Syahir and the rest who went to the north on 28th/12 (check my previous post)? They all have returned on the night of 9th/1. I was glad to see them back, especially Syahir, Rohaizat and Maro. I was pleased when they gave me some souvenirs from Manali and Shimla. I don't know what to say. I think I'm going to cry at that moment, because they still remember me, huhuhuhuhuhuhu. Thanks you guys!

A give from the heart is the best give ever!!!
Thanks guys!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

BBQ again, on the rooftop!

Salam to all! Tonight we're going again for BBQ, but this time we made it ourselves on the B block rooftop. It's a plan only me and munira had decided last night after sending the juniors back. Ok, let me cut to the chase. Around 5.30pm, me, naim and munira try to build up the fire and succeed around 6.15pm. We started to grill the chicken, squids and some nice-looking prawn. Oh yeah, before that, around noon munira has prepared the marinade at my place. The bbq taste damn delicious, thanks to munira! We grill, we chat and we laugh together. "We" here refer to me, naim, munira, afiq nazri and the late comer miss atiqah hamdan, huhuhuhuhuhu. Also come, although for a short moment, ira and nonie. It was fun, totally fun. The chicken was superb! The squid was nice! and the prawn was wicked nice well! Munira also has cooked some fried rice. Well, I don't know what to say anymore, just enjoy some pictures I've taken using my hp. Anyway, thanks to all for making this BBQ a success! It was nice, and hopefully we can have it again one more time....

~the end~

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Salam to all. What do you feel when you've been left alone all nights?? Well, for me, being left alone for a long period of time makes me very lonely and pathetic. I will feel so miserable, and so desperate. Alone, I can't do thing properly. Alone, I can't study properly because when I'm alone, I'll always feel that someone outside are staring at me, etc. I hate to be alone. I need someone. I need someone to accompany me, especially during night, particularly at sleep! When I'm alone, all sorts of unwanted and memory will flashing back right in front of me. It is just like a movie! I'm so scared of loneliness actually. It is the most foul experience that I want to get rid off. What about you? Do you or don't you like to be alone? Please help me solve this problem......

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Israel and its cruelty!

Salam to all. Today, I'm going to write in Malay.

Hari ni aku nak komen sikit apa yang berlaku kat bumi Palestin. Kekejaman tentera zionis Israel telah makin menjadi-jadi. Beberapa minggu ini Israel telah melancarkan serangan terhadap Palestin dan kali ini, serangan mereka telah mengundang kemarahan bukan setakat orang Islam, malah di kalangan umat manusia seluruh dunia. Mereka mendesak supaya tentera Hamas mengalah dan berhenti melancarkan roket ke Israel, sedangkan mereka tidak fikir yang serangan mereka lagi banyak membunuh rakyat Palestin berbanding serangan Hamas membunuh warga Yahudi laknatullah. Dan, lagi menyakitkan hati adalah apabila Amerika Syarikat meng'halal'kan tindakan sekutunya untuk menyerang Israel!

Aku rasa sudah tiba masanya untuk kita semua bersatu menentang kekejaman ni sepertimana kita menentang kekejaman puak Serb semasa menyerang Bosnia satu ketika dahulu. OIC perlu tegas dalam perkara ini. Negara2 arab perlu sedar dan perlu campur tangan dalam hal ini. Rakyat Islam merupakan majoriti dalam dunia ini, tapi mengapa kita senang sekali ditindas? Negara2 arab, terutamanya Arab Saudi perlu bertindak untuk memberhentikan keganasan ini. Antaranya ialah dengan menghentikan pengeksportan minyak ke Amerika Syarikat. Jika semua negara memberhentikan pengeluaran minyak mereka ke Amerika, ini boleh memberi tekanan terhadap Amerika dan dengan cara ini kita boleh memaksa Amerika untuk memberhentikan keganasan Israel. Jgn kerana wang, nyawa saudara kita di Palestin tergadai! Bagi negara2 jiran Palestin, spt Jordan, Mesir dll, buka la sempadan anda untuk membenarkan rakyat Palestin yang tertindas berlindung daripada Israel. Jgn kerana kerenah politik, anda semua tidak mahu warga Palestin datang dan membawa bencana ke negara anda.

Oleh itu, kita semua harus berpegang tangan dalam perkara ini dan berdoa agar Israel laknatullah itu akan mendapat balasan di dunia dan juga di akhirat kelak. Marilah kita berdoa agar rakyat Palestin sentiasa dilindungi oleh Allah S.W.T dan mendapat syafaat di akhirat kelak. Marilah kita semua berusaha sedaya upaya untuk membantu Palestin daripa kekejaman Israel. Jika Israel boleh mengingkar arahan Mahkamah Agong dan PBB, sape lagi yang boleh menghentikan mereka? Hanya kita sahaja, melalui doa, yang dapat memberhentikan Israel daripada berleluasa melakukan kekejaman sewenang-wenangnya.



Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Again......wasting ~Rps 11000

Salam to all. Well, yes! I've wasted again my money yesterday. It was my first time going to Forum Mall, located somewhere in Koramangala. I went there with Shazwan. It took about 1 hour to get there by auto from Ramaiah Hospital. Yup, went first to Ramaiah to pick up Shazwan who have appointment with Mr. Chandru. I was quite surprise to see a mall that resemble almost like Mid Valley Megamall, only half of it size. I was astonished to see such mall ever exist in India, hehehehehe. Never mind of that. When I step into the Forum mall, I feel like I'm somehow in Malaysia's mall, huhuhuhuhuhuhu. Lots if people and lots of goods are there. I bought myself a new nike beg, 2 novels, 2 games, and something quite unexpected, an iPod!!!! Yes, finally I've decide to buy for myself an iPod. It is iPod Nano 4th generation (8GB) - blue. It's about Rps 9000. If my brother have it, why shouldn't I? Anyway, it is really nice, and don't worry, I will always use this iPod :-) Before that we have our lunch at KFC and also having 2 scoops sundae from Baskin Robin. Around 3.15pm, we went back to Ramaiah Hospital bcoz shazwan has to meet again waith Mr. Chandru. I went back home by bus.

 This is my iPod looks like......
Forum Mall
Within the mall
Baskin Robin, delicious!!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

BBQ Nation.......Superb!

Salam to all! What a night! Tonight me, naim, tqah hamdan, hajar and munira were going to this restaurant known as BBQ Nation located in Indiranagar. This is my first time either, but naim has been going there 3 times. From Gokula to Indiranagar took about 1 hour. Along the way, I'd seen a very beautiful masjid, almost resembles masjid Ubudiah, Kuala Kangsar, Perak. It was cold and windy. Naim have to put on his sweater (lucky me having this thick layer of fat, hehehehehe). Arrive there around 8.15pm. BBQ Nation is the first restaurant in India having buffet. The concept is, you come there, sit, and you just any drink. The buffet includes lots of Indian cuisine, while the starter is the BBQ. The starter will always come to your table until you put down a flag-like thingy. Wow, I tell you it was amazing! They also serve you something like fish masala, chicken etc. It was loud! We choose to sit upstair and there is a band. He sang beautifully, with lots of energy! There are also two people celebrated their birhday today, happy birthday to them! Honestly, tonight I eat like there is no tomorrow. I eat the starters (well, you can imagine yourself ), follow by some veg biryani with chicken masala and some crabs. Before that I took smoked chicken soup with some lovely breads. We eat, we talk and we laugh, not to forget taking lots of pictures. We enjoyed ourselves there, and it was great. For me, it wasn't just a normal dinner, it's about hanging out with your friends and housemate, and tighten the bond even stronger. We wrap up around 9.30pm. Arrive at home at 10.30pm. It was a far away journey just for a dinner, but it was great!

         munira dan tqah hamdan
hajar dan naim
within BBQ Nation
the BBQ!
me in the washroom, hehehehehe

 Me and munira :)


Sapu lebih2 sikit marinade tu mun, hehehe

Bergambar sebelum mknn sampai...

Best tul ketam tu....

Lilek la tqah, slow2 makan

Tgk hajar, makan proper siot!

OMG! It's so delicious!

Is it barbaric?? hehehehe

Die you prawn, hahahaha


Super duper nice!

That's mine!!!!

Serial killer on loose, hahahahaha

Let me rip your heart naim, bwahhahahaha

Still hungry, hehehehe

"Alamak, lupa baca doa la tadi, huhuhuhu"

Muka tak bleh blah, kan?
Happy as cricket!

Am I looking adorable? hahahahaha

Me and naim, happy face always!

Kanak2 riang dah kenyang!

Again, with munira in it.

BBQ Nation, surely we will meet again!