Saturday, April 26, 2008

Working on it!

Salam. Tak tau nak buat apa time, so just thinking to make a scratch on my blog, hehehehe. Just to share about what had happen this past 2 weeks. After we got ourselves all the marks for the 2nd IA, suddenly something bad happen. If my stprianz remember about the case regarding to the letter relating to Mr. Ramli, that same thing happen also here, but in this case, it just about a dissatisfaction of this person who are not satisfied with the result he/she get for physiology. Let just say that many people, upon 40 only get below than 20 in the theory paper. SO, many among them were not satisfied with their mark and babbling about the lecturers who checked their paper. But, I never realized that some of them are very brave to wrote a piece of letter (3 pages as they said) to the HOD of physiology and complaint about their mark and said that their answer are exactly in the book and etc which I really don't know about it. This matter has been brought about to the acknowledge of out Ass. Dean and she is very protective and very take care of us. When this letter is on her hand, she was very concern and some said that she and our HOD had a little fight about it and make a decision to rechecked the students mark who has been checked by these particular lecturers. For a moment, our relationship with the physiology department has become quite stress and tight. But, they still teach us as usual. We're so piss off with the bloody writer for causing this situation. We all know that a knowledge without the teacher's blessing (barakah) is just useless. So, we're afraid that when this thing happen, although they teach us as usual, but are they teach us with their full heart? Who can tell? Only they knew. So, that's why I hope that this culprit behind this will confess and sorry to the lecturers. Do not because of this person, it'll cause chaos to the whole faculty, as a Malay proverb said "Jgn kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga". But, yesterday we've got the physio mark, and as expected, some student who their paper has been rechecked by the Ass. Dean herself (as I heard) got and increase in their mark. Well, don' know what to say. Congratulation maybe? My mark is still the same. I don't care about getting 24/40, as long as the mark that I get is truly and honestly given by them and not due to this bloody case. Seem that the newly given mark to some students is a provocative mark, to soothe things out, hurmm. Hopefully in the future this thing will not happen again. That's all, I'm outa' here. Bye

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm stressed out!!

Salam. Finally, my 2nd Internal Assessment has finally over and now we all going to know the result (jeng3!). Not as I expected, but at least I got pass with all my 3 subjects, namely anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry. Compare to the 1st Internal Assessment's result, hoping that there will be some increment but seem to me that it just almost the same with it, huhuhu. I was so freaking piss since I could not achieved the minimum target for all the 3 subjects I had made before! I got 35/60 (anatomy - target 40/60), 43/60 (biochem - target 45/60) and 24/40 (physiology subjektif - target 30/40). So, that's my theory result on the 2nd IA. Not to mention the practical's result, I had quite an excellent scores (except physio which I will get it next week), so there's nothing to be worried about them, hehehehe. But, since there is no viva and only theory and practical, therefore I need to mug up back fast before the incoming 3rd IA on August. This time, I must be serious, and when I say serious, I really MEANT it!So, no more tv, games, gallivanting, trips and anything which can disturb my mental and emotion. As a medical student, this is how I should be, right? No time for playing, no time chatting and definitely no time for blogging, hehehehe. And cor blimey, guess what, today I just, for the first time lost my most precious and valuable item, my wallet. God, why you take my wallet away from me? huhuhuhu. I had no idea where I drop them accidently. But, my short term memory think that I might lost it in the biochemistry deparment. Since there is a practical on analysing normal urine, so I volunteer myself to donate my urine to the class. Maybe, during the time after I had urinate and buckling up my pants, that's how my wallet and my handphone fell off the ground. But, I only noticed the handphone, not the wallet (duh!) So, I just left the toilet and without realize about my wallet. But, I started to detect its lost when I was going to the bus. I ran back to the deparment and search it everywhere but there is no sign of it anywhere, huhuhu. I was reeeeealy sad waht had just happened to me today. I don't care about the money, but inside my wallet are my atm cards (vijaya and maybank) and my MyKad! huhuhu, I was depressed about its lost. I have disable the ATM cards and make a report about the lost of MyKad to the high commision of Malaysia in New Delhi, India. So, I don't know what more to write here. But merely what I'm going to say, please take care of your belonging, huhuhu. Before I end up here, I hope you'll enjoy the pictures taken during my second visit in Mysore with cai and co. Assalammuailaikum.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

2nd IA dah pun tamat....

Salam. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya 2nd IA telah pun tamat petang tadi. Lega hati aku bila exam ni dah habis, tapi pada masa yang sama cuak jugak sebab lagi beberapa bulan je nak hadapi final exam, huhuhuhu. Aku sebenarnya takde idea nak tulis apa kat sini, tapi kalau nak tulis benda2 berkaitan ngan physio ada la dalam kepala aku ni, hehehehe. Cuma nak cakap yang life kat aku kat sini tak semeriah dan se'happening' seperti di Melaka. Aku rasa macam budak skema pulak bila aku ada kat India ni. Maybe apa yang orang cakap tu betul la, people are meant to be changed wherever there are. Ok la, nak letak gambar pun, aku dah lama tak guna kamera aku tu, huhuhu. Tapi, kalau ada apa2 update nnt aku tulis la. Chow!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ucapan Takziah Kepada Wak (Mustaqeem)

Salam. Aku baru sahaja terbaca blog wak (kawan aku dari SMK Tun Perak). Aku terkejut bila aku tahu yang ayah dia telah meninggal dunia pada 1 April 2008 akibat sakit kanser. Aku , mewakili seluruh ahli keluarga aku mengucapkan takziah kepada saudara Ahmad Mustaqeem Aminuddin bin Md Nor dan keluarga di atas pemergian ayahanda tercinta. Semoga saudara wak dan ahli keluarga tabah menghadapi ujian dan dugaan daripada Allah S.W.T.

Al-Fatihah buat roh HJ. MD NOR BIN HJ. MD JADI. Al-Fatihah...................................